Truly bezelless Sharp Aquos S2 with in-screen fingerprint reader rendered, Aquos S1 photographed in the wild
If real, the Sharp Aquos S2 looks like a total game changer, with zero bezels and under-glass fingerprint recognition. The S1 is slightly less spectacular.
Fresh batch of credible Galaxy S8 gossip includes ‘all-screen front’, single rear camera
The “all-screen” Samsung Galaxy S8 is realistically expected to see daylight in April 2017, with just the one rear camera in tow.
Samsung Galaxy S8 now rumored to be 90 percent screen, fully borderless phones coming in a few years
That “full-screen” upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could have to “settle” for a 90 percent or so display to body ratio, which is still impressive.
It apparently ‘doesn’t make sense’ to launch the borderless Xiaomi Mi MIX outside of China
Hope springs eternal, but there’s absolutely no chance the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX smartphone will ever leave its homeland of China.
Latest round of Galaxy S8 (Edge) gossip includes up to 8GB RAM, 80 percent screen-to-body ratio
The Samsung Galaxy S8 (Edge) is purportedly on track for a late February 2017 announcement, with a super-high-res screen and 8GB RAM in tow.
Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘concept phone’ with edgeless design is real, coming soon at $515 and up
The “edgeless” Xiaomi Mi MIX is still not 100 percent screen, with a small chin housing a camera, but it’s a futuristic phone like no other.