We could find more pressure sensitive navigation in future Samsung devices
We could get a feature very similar to HTC’s Edge Sense in future Samsung devices if this pressure sensitive navigation patent becomes real
Apple squeeze UI patent imagines a resistive-touch smartphone
Remember resistive touch displays where the processor had to work out what pinches were? Perhaps Apple may be aiming for the same… or make it better.
Apple v. Samsung ends, the HTC U12+ begins | #PNWeekly 306
Nearly seven years later, we may finally have reached the end of this argument between two bickering tech giants. That and a really big phone this week on our show!
HTC U12+ brings back BoomSound speakers, Edge Sense
It’s one part refinement and one part addition. All together, it’s one large phone that takes great photos, video and audio with a price tag as big as its promises.
Iffy HTC U12+ box leak seems convincing enough
Far from perfect, the box design just seems a bit mangled and weird to us. But it has its heart in the right place… if you can call getting most of the items seemingly right.
HTC has something to announce on November 2: U11 Plus or U11 Life?
HTC is not done unveiling own-brand smartphones this year, with a U11 Plus and U11 Life feeling like strong candidates for a November 2 Taipei event.
HTC U11 Life reportedly also headed for Android One lineup, new render shows ‘normal’ variant
Google’s revived Android One family will further expand in the near future with the addition of the HTC U11 Life, rendered today in standard form.
HTC U11 Life is the rumored name of the company’s diminutive flagship with Edge Sense
That 5.2-inch “Ocean Life” handheld with Edge Sense is likely to be called HTC U11 Life for marketing purposes, packing a Snapdragon 630 processor.
HTC U11 gets Alexa link through Edge Sense app update
If you prefer to use Amazon’s assistant over Google Assistant, you’ll soon be able to get to it with a simple squeeze. But not exactly now.
HTC U11 mini? U11 Play? Desire 11? ‘Ocean Life’ mid-ranger with Edge Sense reportedly coming soon
A 5.2-inch derivation of the critically acclaimed HTC U11 could be right around the corner, with Edge Sense functionality and a Full HD screen.
HTC U11 debuts with Edge Sense, active noise canceling earbuds in the box
What if you could activate the app you want just by squeezing your phone? No picking at a screen. The HTC U11 debuts bringing that thought into the real world.
There goes the embargo: HTC U11 hands-on video peeks out
We are hours away from the official event for the HTC U11, but it seems like someone made a mistake in Vietnam and posted a hands-on video early.
New CAD renders and video show fiery red HTC U11 from all angles
Formerly known as Ocean, the HTC U11 is right around the corner, “squeezable” Edge Sense technology and all, and this is how it looks in snazzy red.
‘Brilliant’ HTC U flagship phone with Edge Sense confirmed for May 16 announcement
The non-Ultra HTC U, aka Ocean smartphone, is apparently less than a month away, complete with a “squeezable” Edge Sense frame.
The Ocean roars tonight: HTC U leaks
Its codename is “Ocean” and the ocean of rumors is very much thick and frothing with details, speculation and revelations on how Edge Sense will work.
HTC U, aka Ocean, tipped for early May global release with Edge Sense and SD835
Codenamed Ocean, possibly the most innovative smartphone of 2017 is reportedly breaking cover in April as the HTC U, Snapdragon 835 power and all.
HTC U (Ocean) supposedly includes Edge Sense, may be part of Sense Touch UI
Rumors of HTC’s masthead phone for 2017 adopting a new user interface paradigm have bubbled up to the surface in a software diagnostics leak.