Motorola Edge+ hands-on: sort of Ultra? (video)
This is the Motorola Edge+, the company’s return into the flagship world, and also, kind of the flagship that a lot of people have been asking for
Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 Might NOT be a FLAGSHIP?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new Google Pixel 5, Samsung’s possible 150MP camera sensor, a new iPhone 9 Plus and more
Motorola Edge+ renders leak, confirm 108MP camera
Earlier today, and yesterday, we’ve seen leaks of the upcoming Motorola Edge, and now Evan Blass is bringing us the Motorola Edge+
Another Motorola Edge leak sheds more light on the matter
Yesterday’s Motorola Edge leak revealed its waterfall display and some of its internals, but now we’re getting new reports centered around the same device.
Motorola Edge
Motorola Edge+ pops up in rumors again. Check out the specs
A Twitter report now mentions apparently the same Motorola Edge+ but with slightly different specs than those reported in January.
Motorola Edge+ flagship smartphone visits Geekbench packing 12GB of RAM
Motorola is gearing up to launch a flagship phone at MWC 2020, and speculations are rife that it will debut as the Motorola Edge+
Microsoft Edge browser exits beta, widely launches for iOS and Android devices
After a relatively short public beta program, Microsoft Edge is now available as a free App Store and Google Play download for all iOS and Android users.
Expect an LTE-only T-Mobile by 2019 if the carrier can peel legacy clingers
Speaking at an Ericsson event at MWC 2017, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said that the carrier will have to work on converting every last call onto VoLTE.
AT&T shuts down 2G network successfully
The end of GSM and EDGE service on AT&T has come. It actually did at the start of the year. So, where to go now? 5G, baby.
The end of 2G for AT&T slated for this year
Change is finally happening on the back-end of progress. As LTE keeps evolving, AT&T says it’s set to let go of 2G by the end of the year.
Microsoft locks down Cortana to kill Bing-, Edge-dodging hacks
Microsoft’s putting a stop to users conducting Cortana searches on Windows 10 with search engines other than Bing, and browsers other than Edge.
Microsoft Edge browser extension preview page goes live ahead of availability
We could be just days away from the Microsoft Edge browser extension preview, as a support page for Insiders surfaces on the company’s site.
Long-overdue Microsoft Edge browser extension support could be about to hit Insiders
After months and months of delays, Microsoft Edge browser extension support could nearly be ready for public testing.
Microsoft Edge browser extensions hit a snag, won’t be ready until next year
Don’t hold your breath for Microsoft Edge browser extensions – instead of meeting its later-in-2015 goal, Microsoft’s pushing extension support back to 2016.
What is 5G and why should you care?
If everything goes according to plan, most of us should be on some sort of 5G connection before 2020. But what is 5G, and why should you even care?
Microsoft details how its Edge browser defeats IE in security
Learn more about some of the key security benefits of Microsoft’s Edge browser when compared to the existing Internet Explorer that’s about to exit.
Don’t hold your breath for Edge browser extensions on Windows 10 phones
While PC support will be here later this year, Microsoft Edge browser extensions for phones may land much further out, if at all.
Project Spartan gets a new name as Microsoft announces its Edge browser
At Build 2015 today Microsoft has given Project Spartan a proper commercial name, announcing its Edge browser.
Would a Galaxy Tab Edge work? (poll)
Should Samsung make a Galaxy Tab Edge, a tablet with curved edges? If so, would you buy it?
Pocketnow Weekly 056: two hours of your tech questions, answered
For episode 056 of the Pocketnow Weekly mobile technology podcast, five guys distill a month of listener mail into a 2-hour onslaught of knowledge-dropping.
Ubuntu Edge campaign cuts prices, but is it too little, too late?
Hear about the latest effort to keep the Ubuntu Edge price attractive, in hope of hitting the $32M fundraising target.
Why I’m getting the Ubuntu Edge
Read why the Ubuntu Edge could be a really great phone for a serious smartphone fan.
Ubuntu Edge campaign to fund development of very high-end dual-boot Android phone
Learn about the project to develop the Ubuntu Edge, one of the most impressive (on paper) devices we’ve heard of to date.
Huawei to Get Competitive With Aluminum Unibody 1080p Android?
Has the HTC One started a new trend towards aluminum smartphone construction? See the metal phone Huawei could be working on.
The Brighthand Empire Falls
By Elad Yakobowicz, Senior News Editor Every Pocket PC site has something…