Style-focused Amazon Echo Look goes mainstream, opening US sales at $200
You no longer need an invitation to be able to buy the Amazon Echo Look hands-free camera and “style assistant with Alexa” in the US.
Alexa Calling & Messaging coming soon to some Echo devices
For those of you who don’t have an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show, you can make and take messages and calls through the Alexa app, too.
Amazon’s touchscreen Echo may debut tomorrow, belies launch of telephony service
The device would pre-empt sales of Microsoft’s new smart speaker, Invoke. The new Echo may bring telephony services within the network of device owners.
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We might be just weeks away from Amazon’s announcement of a screen-rocking Echo
Not that impressed by the just-unveiled Echo Look? You may find the rumored next Amazon Echo more practical, with both a camera and a screen in tow.
Amazon Echo Look integrates Alexa into style-oriented camera
The company is marketing this smart speaker-camera hybrid as a fashion accessory to help users track outfits over seasons and get a second opinion.