The Alexa microwave and all the other new Echo products from Amazon’s show

A myriad of speakers, plug-ins and other smart home appliances were shown off as Amazon slams hardware down for the fall season.

Saint Louis University is placing Echo Dots in all of its dorm rooms

If you’re going to SLU, get used to hearing Alexa. A lot. If you want to opt out, all you do is unplug the device, finish the year and return the Echo Dot.

Amazon launches Echo Dot Kids Edition with FreeTime services bundled

It’s $79.99, $30 more than an Echo Dot alone, but it comes in an attractive protective case and a year of free access to kids content and services.

Amazon’s latest Alexa update provides users with a public announcement tool

It’s being called an “intercom” mode, though it really acts as more of a public announcement system made of Echo speakers.

Amazon Echo speakers take 66 percent of US smart speaker market

But with only just over a third of US households having a smart speaker, how does the market grow from here? Kantar Worldpanel has a few thoughts.

27 million in US own an Alexa speaker, NPR and Edison Research say

Surveys conducted by Edison Research and NPR say that 36 million adults in the US own a smart speaker powered by assistants from Google or Amazon. Alexa, presumably because of its two-year head start, has a big lead here.

28 new countries around the world get Amazon Music Unlimited and Echo devices

You can stream your favorite tunes on Amazon Music Unlimited and have Echo smart speakers shipped to a bunch of new global territories.

The Pocketnow Black Friday 2017 deals watchlist

So many deals, so little time. But if it’s just a few clicks away anyways, you can take a little time to do a little research. We have it all in one place.

Free iPhone 7 tops AT&T’s list of Black Friday deals, but there are strings attached

AT&T’s free iPhone 7 Black Friday deal requires both installment plans and a DirecTV subscription. The free LG V20 is much easier to get.

Echo Buttons are the buzzers you need for games with Alexa

Trivia night at the bar may get a revamp if this gets popular. Echo Buttons will work with most any Echo speaker from Amazon.

Canada gets Amazon Alexa, Echo devices, Prime Music

The Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot are coming into Canada December 5 with introductory pricing from today for those who pre-order.

Amazon devices predictably headline the e-tailer’s list of early Black Friday deals

Amazon already has a great Music Unlimited Black Friday deal available for new subscribers, with many discounted Echo and Fire devices also on the way.

Staples has a number of iPad, Echo, Fire and Google Home deals coming this Black Friday

If you’re looking for a decent discount on a 9.7-inch iPad, various Amazon gear or Google Home Mini, Staples is the place to go this Black Friday.

Target’s Black Friday 2017 deals include iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 gift cards, iPad discounts

Get your Black Friday 2017 shopping lists ready, because Target is cooking up a massive sale on everything from iPhones to iPads to smart speakers.

Amazon’s new Echo Dot is $10 off today

If you like to get Alexa quick and dirty, you can get this deal at Amazon or your choice of tech retailer for just today, October 30.

All-new Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Connect set to conquer the smart home

A heap of next-gen Amazon Echo products is launching in time for the holiday season, including a revised version of the original and a compact Echo Spot.

Amazon Echo speakers now being sold at recently-acquired Whole Foods

The deal closed on the nearly-$14 billion acquisition of the high-end supermarket chain, so what better way to let people know than plastering your logo?

‘Miniature’ Google Home and third-gen Chromebook Pixel expected to see daylight this fall

Google doesn’t just have Pixel smartphone sequels planned for announcements this fall, with a smaller Google Home and Chromebook Pixel 3 also incoming.

Amazon donates 1,600 Echo Dots to Arizona State University for engineering majors

That 1,600 students headed into a new residence hall dedicated to a new voice technology program at ASU’s engineering schools.

Anker’s Eufy Genie with Alexa undercuts Echo Dot by $15

Is this Amazon’s Echo Dot? Nope, it’s more affordable and way louder, Anker claims. The Eufy Genie has yet to hit the Amazon marketplace, though.

Original Amazon Echo rumored to get redesigned this fall, borrow HomePod features and tech

Even after the Echo Look and Show launches earlier this year, there may still be another Amazon Echo model in the pipeline to fend off Apple’s HomePod.

Amazon previews killer Prime Day deals on Echo, Kindle and Fire gear, but they’re only the beginning

Only a few more hours to go until the extended Amazon Prime Day discount extravaganza is on, with the Echo and Echo Dot naturally front and center.

Pint-sized Amazon Echo Dot plunges to its lowest price ever in anticipation of Prime Day

As irresistible as a $30 refurbished Amazon Echo Dot might look, don’t spend all your money before checking out all of next week’s Prime Day deals.

Should your personal assistant be forced to snitch on you?

You personal assistant is always listening to you, but who should be able to hear what it hears? A new legal case takes up that very question.

Amazon Echo out of stock, won’t be replenished for a month

The Echo Dot won’t be available to order for about a week while those getting the Echo must suffer a month’s wait. Google Home may prove the alternative.