Apple Watch Series 5 ECG app may soon start working in Brazil and Japan
Future watchOS updates may finally give Brazilian and Japanese users ECG features in their Apple Watch Series 5 devices
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Upcoming OPPO smartwatch looks a lot like the Apple Watch
We have our first official look at the first OPPO smartwatch, and it comes courtesy of OPPO’s Vice President Shen Yiren.
Withings ScanWatch is a hybrid featuring ECG and sleep apnea detection
Withings announced the ScanWatch today at CES 2020, a smartwatch it claims to be the first hybrid to offer medical-grade ECG and sleep apnea detection.
Apple Watch ECG
ECG is available today in Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 5.1.2 update
The ECG feature is now officially available in an app for all Apple Watch Series 4 devices in the United States with the latest watchOS update
Apple Watch Series 4 ECG
Apple Watch Series 4 ECG will be enabled by the next watchOS
A recent report claims that the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG will be enabled with the next public version of watchOS, which is 5.1.2.
You can activate the ECG monitor in the Apple Watch Series 4 outside the US
Here is how you can get the ECG function in the Apple Watch Series 4 even if you live outside of the United States with a little change
ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 is being questioned
The new Apple Watch Series 4 has integrated ECG, but some believe that this function isn’t entirely accurate because of last-minute FDA approval
Apple Watch Kardia Band will soon record your ECG, detect imminent strokes
Before long, the Apple Watch should be able to accurately measure your ECG and anticipate strokes with the help of a third-party “Kardia Band.”