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Refurbished iPhone X on eBay for $600

Given that an iPhone XR costs $749 and it’s current the latest and cheapest iPhone out there, there’s always the iPhone X…

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on sale for its lowest price ever

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available at eBay for its lowest price ever in an unlocked, international variant with some color options

$85 on eBay for App Store and iTunes gift card worth $100

It’s only so often that Apple users on all platforms get good sales on gift cards. But hey, if you’re quick to get on this deal, you can ride the bull.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only $770 on eBay right now

This is the lowest price that has been given to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 since its launch, and you can get it on eBay right now

eBay smartphone buys can now be tied with plans from Red Pocket Mobile

The MVNO offers plans that work with phones from all four major networks in the United States for up to almost a year at a time.

Lowest price ever on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB unlocked

This is a great chance to get your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 128GB of storage in an unlocked version from a trusted seller on eBay

The Pocophone F1 is available in the US with big limitations

You can now buy a Pocophone F1 in the United States through some eBay sellers. Just be warned of its limitations before you buy one

The lowest price yet for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on eBay

You can get a very low price on an unlocked,dual-SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on eBay, but hurry, quantities are limited

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unlocked is already getting discounts on eBay

Deals keep on coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, now on an unlocked version with dual SIM capabilities and an extra deal is also available
used phone

How to sell your used phone for the most money

If you’re looking to sell your used phone, we’ve got some pieces of precious advice for you. After all, you want to get the most money out of it.

128GB unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale in eBay

This might be one of the best moments to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, considering the price drops because of the newest Galaxy Note flagship

Yet another eBay deal brings the Galaxy Note 8 price down to only $600

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is right around the corner, but if you fear a big price hike and marginal upgrades, you may want to buy the Galaxy Note 8 today.

Unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ now available at their lowest prices ever: $475 and $520

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus might be old, but they’re certainly not outdated, still offering plenty of bang for your buck at $475 and $520 respectively on eBay.

Top-rated eBay seller has gold Verizon Wear24 smartwatch available at $49.99

Last year’s universally reviled Verizon Wear24 smartwatch probably deserves some love before leftover inventory is depleted on eBay at a crazy low $49.99 a pop.

You may want to consider the Galaxy Note 8 at a new all-time low price before the Note 9 arrives

Marginally less powerful than the Galaxy S9+, and with a sequel reportedly around the corner, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still a great buy on eBay.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Best Buy sells Galaxy S9 and S9+ with sweet new gifts, deeper discounts available on eBay

You can get the unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ from Best Buy right now with bundled accessories separately worth around $100, or save a decent chunk of change outright on eBay.

Discounted Google Home Mini? Why not free Google Home Mini with $150+ eBay purchases?

Typically priced at $49, the pint-sized Google Home Mini smart speaker can often be purchased for $39 or less, and is now available free of charge on eBay.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Huawei P20 Pro price already drops to $800 at unofficial US eBay seller

Unofficial Huawei P20 Pro US pre-orders have been live on eBay for a couple of weeks, and one trusted seller has already discounted the spectacular phone by close to $90.

Google’s OG Pixel and Pixel XL are cheaper than ever on eBay in seller refurbished condition

You can still find a first-generation Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone on eBay for ridiculously low prices of $225 and $250 respectively with 128GB storage in “professionally restored” condition.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Get a $250-worth gift with the Galaxy S9 or S9+ from Best Buy, or solid outright savings on eBay

The latest Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus deals at Best Buy and eBay top-rated seller Sobeonline1 are not exactly earth-shattering, but they’re definitely better than nothing.

eBay sellers bringing Huawei P20 Pro to US for $882.90

Who needs to wait until next year for Apple to bring an iPhone with three cameras when they can get it now through eBay on a good discount.

Unlocked HTC U11 fetches a measly $345 on eBay for a limited time in ‘new other’ condition

The HTC U11 is old, unpopular, with thick screen bezels, a single rear-facing camera and… an irresistible price point on eBay right now.