AirPods 2 now 20% off, along with other Apple products on Amazon

Amazon has great discounts on the latest AirPod models and some other accesories that include the Apple Watch Series 3

2019 iPhones stuck with Lightning, slow 5-watt charging block say industry sources

While the rest of the mobile industry has been promoting speedier charging with fast adapters right in the box, Apple may still be stuck in the slow lane.

Are Apple’s Lightning Earpods an example of fragmentation?

Apple’s greatest strength is a unified ecosystem of products. The iPhone 7 might irk some folks. Are Apple’s Lightning Earpods an example of fragmentation?

Sky’s the limit for Lightning EarPods, AirPods, Beats Wireless

Apple has officially dumped the mini-phonojack — the 3.5mm headphone jack to…

Russian regulatory docs see iOS 10, watchOS 2 hardware, AirPods

Sure, any regulator can check out the iPhone 7 (or 6SE) and the Apple Watch 2, but some wireless EarPods? From Apple? This headphone jack thing is serious.

Wireless EarPods have been years in the making for Apple, source says

We aren’t sure when or if the wireless EarPods are coming out — though this news coming a month before the iPhone 7’s launch shouldn’t be a coincidence.

iPhone 7 Plus leaked in video, another one shows Lightning EarPods

Unbox Therapy has the iPhone 7 Plus in what could be the Space Blue color in contention to replace Space Gray. MobileFun has the new EarPods.

EarPods with iPhone 7 rumored to have 3.5mm jack, coupled with Lightning adapter

Instead of going straight for the Lightning jack, rumorers are talking about a Lightning adapter to go with those complimentary EarPods.

Is Apple developing AirPods wireless earphones?

Hear about the new theory about Apple AirPods, and why it looks like Apple may be behind a new pair of wireless earphones.

Apple patents bone conducting EarPods with noise cancellation

Learn more about a new patent that Apple has just filed, which plans to enhance the capabilities of its current EarPods through smart technology.