Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is getting BETTER! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about more details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the new RED Hydrogen 2, Huawei’s revenues and more

Nintendo urges its mobile game developers to push fewer in-app purchases

The mobile game developer houses that have partnered with Nintendo aren’t too pleased about the policy which stems from a frankly sensical place.

TSMC hopes to make up lost orders from chemical flub

The impact for this quarter looks to be minus $550 million. The hope is that TSMC can make it back up to customers the next quarter.

T-Mobile won’t raise phone plan prices for 5G, but it will offer more services

You can upgrade to a 5G phone and use the new network at your current price, but T-Mobile will also offer more services you can pay for based off of 5G.

This is the first Spotify earnings report with net income

It plans to continue growing its user base, subscriber base and through acquisitions… but Spotify has no expectations of making money this year.

In-Depth: Why did iPhone revenue tumble 15 percent?

A strong US Dollar has caused runaway price hikes in emerging markets that have made the new iPhones unappealing to foreign buyers.

Apple 1Q19 earnings mark first holiday decline since 2000 [U]

The company that has built itself on the iPhone has been undone by the iPhone, at least for this holiday season. Sales in Greater China slumped hard.

Apple revises down 1Q19 earnings estimate, could post first holiday decline since 2000

Weaknesses in the Chinese market compounded the sinkhole collapse of this holiday season for Apple.

Xiaomi rakes in big phone cash, acquires manufacturing rights for Meitu

The company is working its way up towards sales growth with international expansion and increased appeal of its flagship phones.

Another dive for HTC revenue as U12+ provides no salve

Revenues for the month of August were down again, if only slightly in sequential terms and, again, signficantly year-over-year.

Razer Phone confirmed for a sequel as original chips in for big earnings

Mobile gamers can rejoice if they’re looking to jump on a second-generation Razer Phone. The company has confirmed its development in its latest earnings.

Sprint and T-Mobile grow base in 2Q18, earnings a split picture

Sprint is a ship that’s just turning around and not without trial and failure. T-Mobile is hopping from strength to strength.

PlayStation rules, mobile drools at Sony for 1Q18 earnings

Sony Mobile is now generating operating losses and is expected to continue digging its own hole. Meanwhile, look at how that PlayStation flies…

Spotify growth on track in 2Q18 despite insurgent Apple Music

The music streaming company remains focused on growth of its user base as opposed to profits. And its recent reporting seems to put it in a good position.

HTC made a rare profit during Q1 2018, largely thanks to Google

HTC’s quarterly revenues were down again in the January – March 2018 timeframe, generating an operating loss of around $175 million, but thanks to a recent Google deal, the Taiwanese company actually posted a net profit.

Spotify’s first earnings report disappoints investors

Oddly enough, Spotify was very close to target with market expectations and could have done better with more favorable currency fluctuations. But alas, shareholders went crazy and drove prices south.

Apple 2Q18 earnings match forecasts, iPhone X dubbed a winner

Tim Cook says that the iPhone X outsold all other available iPhone models in the winter quarter, just as it had in the month or so of the holiday season it launched in.

LG didn’t lose that much money on phones in Q1 2018, ‘positive results’ expected from G7 ThinQ

LG Electronics had a great overall first quarter of the year, generating profits of over $1 billion. The chaebol’s mobile division lost money once again, but the G7 ThinQ might be a winner.

Qualcomm 1Q18 earnings beat the street, but there are plenty of aches

Given the stumbling blocks Qualcomm has in front of it, such as Apple, Chinese regulators and grabby investors, the company has done a good job with the bottom line.

TSMC forecasting poor earnings this year almost certainly because of iPhone X

The world’s biggest contract chipmaker is apparently facing some tough goings with its biggest client. Most high street analysts say its Apple.

HTC lost a whopping $330 million during Q4 2017, with flat revenues compared to Q3

It no longer comes as a big surprise that HTC isn’t capable of making money, losing more than ever over a three-month period that’s generally very lucrative for tech manufacturers.

HTC hits rock bottom, reporting modest $89 million or so February 2018 revenues

There truly is no end in sight to HTC’s financial misery, which has further deepened in February 2018, with a new record set for low monthly earnings.

HTC will get a financial boost from Google soon, but until then, monthly revenues are down

Before it can return to quarterly profitability with Google’s help, HTC’s monthly income scores are still shrinking, and new Vive headsets will probably not help that much.

Sprint 3Q17 earnings get big boost from tax reform, fast forwards 5G plans

The carrier would have made rare income after expenses, but the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act gave billions of dollars of benefit on paper.

Microsoft 2Q18 earnings are up thanks to cloud, not Surface

Azure and Office subscriptions lead the charge. Even the Xbox One X is outperforming Surface devices. And by this point, phones are far out of the picture.