YotaPhone 3 (or just Yota 3) goes officially official with dual 5.5 and 5.2-inch displays

The dual-screen YotaPhone 3 has been years in the making, and it finally has a definitive launch date in China, where it’ll be known simply as the Yota 3.

Mid-range Yota3 held up by Sina-Russo corporate standoff

Specifications for the device include improved displays, mid-range internals and tempered prices. Meanwhile, a Chinese firm jockeys for Yota’s destiny.

Could the Xiaomi Mi 5c be the Yotaphone China has wanted?

No, because the two are different things. One is a weirdo concept that we doubt will come to bear, the other gets more photos of it leaked.

Advanced Color ePaper is not coming to your e-reader or smartwatch … yet

E Ink is debuting a new ePaper display technology that brings a fuller color experience than it had previously achieved. But it’s not for you e-reader yet.

How E-Ink works: the technology behind E-Paper Displays (Video)

E-Ink powers everything from the Amazon Kindle to the YotaPhone 2 – and lots of curiosities in between. Find out how it works in our latest video!

YotaPhone 2 review: this is what the Fire Phone should have been

Like Amazon’s ill-fated effort, the YotaPhone 2 is the right phone at the wrong price – but its dual-screen design is so clever it’s almost worth it.

Life on two screens: using the YotaPhone 2 (Video)

The YotaPhone 2 packs two big displays into a single smartphone. Find out what’s special about life on two screens in Pocketnow’s quick-look video.

YotaPhone 2: hands-on (Video)

Get an up-close look at a compelling dual-screen e-ink Android in our new YotaPhone 2 video from CES 2015.

Could an e-paper smartwatch be in the cards for Sony?

Learn what we now know about the allegedly fashion-focused Sony e-paper smartwatch, supposedly launching next year.

The YotaPhone 2 is awesome, but it won’t be forever

Yota Devices announced the YotaPhone 2 at MWC, an innovative expansion on the original that I want right now. But I won’t be able to buy one till 2015.

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