DxOMark turns 10, launches selfie camera scoring system

DxOMark selfie has been launched as smartphones will be ranked in the future by their front-facing camera performance too.

DxOMark issues mobile scores of 101 to Pixel 3, 98 to OnePlus 6T

The Pixel 3 is the best single-camera Android phone on the market. And if that’s a little too pricey for you, the OnePlus 6T doesn’t fall far behind.

DxO details stellar Xiaomi Mi 8 score, Explorer Edition doesn’t show actual components

The newly unveiled Xiaomi Mi 8 is not the world’s best cameraphone, but it’s pretty close, according to the latest DxOMark mobile review. Meanwhile, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition may not be as “transparent” as you think.

HTC U12+ knocks Huawei P20 out of second place in DxOMark Mobile rankings

The dual camera HTC U12+ has nothing on the three-lens Huawei P20 Pro, but the “regular” P20 loses its silver medal in the DxOMark Mobile photography and videography ratings.

Huawei P20 Pro and P20 break DxOMark records with 109 and 102 overall camera scores

The triple lens Huawei P20 Pro and dual camera P20 are easily the world’s best smartphones for photography and videography, according to DxO’s imaging experts.

DxO declares the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S a ‘Chinese gem’, with an iPhone X-matching 97 score

101 points for photo performance and 88 in video apparently equates to an impressive total score of 97 points for the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S dual camera.

DxOMark reviews Samsung Galaxy S9+, the world’s best smartphone for photography

It’s not up for grabs yet, but DxOMark says the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S9+ has the best camera on a smartphone today.

DxO ranks the iPhone X first in the world for photography performance, second in overall camera prowess

As expected, the iPhone X is deemed by DxO’s camera analysts the world’s top performer… for stills. But video-recording quality is short of stellar.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera matches DxOMark record for stills, shy of Pixel 2 overall

That record is with the photo subscore of 100, one that was achieved by the Galaxy Note 8. The overall score nearly matches the Pixel 2.

iPhone-exclusive DxO ONE camera attachment is spreading the ‘professional-quality’ love to Android

If you feel your USB Type-C Android phone isn’t shooting good enough photos or videos, the DxO ONE will soon take your mobile imaging to the next level.

Digging into the Pixel 2’s DxOMark score of 98

Why did the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL get so high marks when they don’t even have dual cameras? Well, they get the basics so right. And video is one of them.

DxOMark gives 100 points for Galaxy Note 8 camera stills, matches iPhone 8 Plus overall

The Note 8’s DxOMark Mobile overall score is 94, which matches the iPhone 8 Plus. That review was published just prior to the Note 8’s.

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus has the world’s ‘best smartphone camera’, according to DxOMark

With 94 points on a 100 scale, Apple’s new iPhone 8 Plus brings the Google Pixel’s DxOMark Mobile reign to a halt, at least until the iPhone X arrives.

OnePlus consults DxO for OnePlus 5 camera, it scores an 87

Overall, you would do very well with the OnePlus 5 snapping pictures and videos in most situations. But you’ll want to watch for a few pitfalls.
Soft Gold OnePlus 3

DxO aims to ‘enhance’ the OnePlus 5 camera like no other

DxO, known primarily for creating the “defining photography benchmark”, is getting directly involved in refining and enhancing the OnePlus 5 camera.

Galaxy S8 camera scores an 88 on DxOMark’s mobile scale

The Galaxy S8 gets a lot of credit for its autofocus and exposure, but the score’s the same from the Galaxy S7 edge and the HTC 10.

Huawei P10 DxOMark score two points behind Google Pixel

The Leica-endorsed cameras on the Huawei P10 scored 87 on DxOMark’s mobile ranking scale, 7 points ahead of its predecessor.

Google Pixel: A great DXOMARK score doesn’t mean “The best smartphone camera”

Google claims its newest phones features the best smartphone camera ever made. Google Pixel, a great DXOMARK score doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best…