Your phone might die before SanDisk’s new Industrial SD cards do
SanDisk has a trio of new SD products that can endure extreme heat and cold. And they compete really well in the small marketplace.
Kyocera DuraXV LTE is a rugged flip phone on Verizon… for $264
And that’s because it is basically a basic Android-powered flip phone with all the specs needed in that device. There is no touchscreen, but it’s durable.
Outdoor Tech Rhinos: Rugged Headphones at CES 2017 (Video)
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Mission start — Nixon’s first Android Wear ships October 10
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Here’s what “water resistant” and “water proof” really mean
Water resistant and water proof mean two entirely different things. The CEO of Archos didn’t fully understand this, do you?
Bring on the salt water smartphones
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Empty Nest: what I miss (and don’t) about the Galaxy S 4 Active
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Hands-on with the rugged NEC Terrain (Video)
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nec terrain unboxing
NEC Terrain unboxing: The world’s most solid smartphone (video)
It’s billed as the world’s most solid smartphone, and today we roll camera as we unbox the latest contender in durable phones: the NEC Terrain.