6 cameras and 5G support in the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung is apparently preparing a 5G enabled beast for 2019 that would be a direct update to the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Samsung Galaxy S10 model numbers are confirmed
We already have the model numbers for all three Samsung Galaxy S10 models that are going to come in the first quarter of 2019
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
We could even see a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5 cameras next year
We could find even more cameras coming to one of next years Samsung Galaxy S10 models that would rais the amount up to 5 lenses
Save the October 26 date for the proper, official OPPO F5 announcement
The cat is pretty much out of the bag already, but the OPPO F5 “selfie expert” is still slated for a formal October 26 launch event in the Philippines.
Next-gen OPPO F5 ‘selfie expert’ is splashed across social media with slim bezels
Although it’s technically unreleased and announced, the OPPO F5 is all over social media in the hands of Asian stars, holding very few secrets.
Sketches of OnePlus 5 leak, point out four cameras on the device
Weibo has a few drawings on what the OnePlus 5 might hold for prospective customers. Ceramic continues to be the perennial “hot” element.
Oppo F3 with dual selfie camera and 5.5-inch screen gets $310 price tag in India
Smaller and slightly less powerful than the 6-inch F3 Plus, the “regular” OPPO F3 launches in India at a low price point with two front cams in tow.
Alcatel Flash is the world’s first smartphone with dual rear and dual front cameras
You’d think this new Alcatel Flash would get flashier promotion, what with a grand total of four cameras in tow, a 10-core processor and snazzy design.
Dual selfie camera OPPO F3 Plus gets official launch date, $475 price tag in India
Prematurely revealed to feature a pair of impressive front cameras, single 16MP rear snapper and 6-inch screen, the OPPO F3 Plus launches April 1.
Oppo F3 Plus specs and features are officially out early, including 6-inch screen, dual selfie cam
Technically slated to go official tomorrow, on March 23, the dual selfie camera-sporting OPPO F3 Plus no longer holds any secrets.
Alleged OPPO F3 Plus specs include 16 + 8MP dual front camera, 16MP single rear shooter
A 6-inch Full HD OPPO F3 Plus “selfie expert” is apparently just two weeks away from an official announcement, dual 16 + 8MP front camera in tow.
OPPO F3 and F3 Plus ‘selfie experts’ purportedly get March 23 launch date
We’re definitely three weeks away from Galaxy S8’s “unpacking”, and most likely, just two weeks away from the OPPO F3/F3 Plus announcement.
OPPO F3 and F3 Plus ‘selfie experts’ with dual selfie camera are likely around the corner
Following in the footsteps of last year’s F1, F1 Plus and F1s selfie experts, the OPPO F3 and F3 Plus are on their way with dual selfie cams in tow.