HTC U12+ knocks Huawei P20 out of second place in DxOMark Mobile rankings
The dual camera HTC U12+ has nothing on the three-lens Huawei P20 Pro, but the “regular” P20 loses its silver medal in the DxOMark Mobile photography and videography ratings.
That suspected dual camera Galaxy S9 for China seems to only be packing a Snapdragon 660 SoC
Maybe the mysterious Samsung SM-G8850 is not a Galaxy S9 variant after all. But with a dual rear-facing camera in tow, up to 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 660 SoC, what is this thing exactly?
Full Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo specs revealed to include 4GB RAM, HD screen, Android Oreo
Expected out sometime later this month in India and other emerging markets, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo doesn’t look half bad on paper… for what we hope will be an ultra-affordable dual camera smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo manual confirms dual rear camera, removable battery
A low to mid-end Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo smartphone, carrying model number SM-J720F, is apparently in the pipeline with dual rear-facing cameras and a user-replaceable battery.
Sony H3213 ‘Avenger’ could soon follow Xperia XA1 Ultra with dual front cameras
A likely Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra sequel has been benchmarked with the same 6-inch Full HD screen in tow, but an improved rear camera and two selfie shooters.
HTC confirms ‘five to six’ own-brand 2018 smartphones, including at least a dual cam model
The HTC U11+ is by no means the Taiwanese brand’s swan song, with around half a dozen smartphones still planned for 2018 releases.
Samsung Galaxy J7+ officially joins crowded dual camera mid-range smartphone field
Hot on the heels of the company’s first ever dual camera smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J7+ has fully been unveiled in Thailand with middling specs.
Samsung Galaxy J7+ shows up in Thailand with dual rear camera, metal unibody design
Hot on the Galaxy Note 8’s heels, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus looks just about ready to go on sale in Asia with dual rear cams in tow.
Possible Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual camera features include 3x optical zoom and ‘depth application’
Samsung is sure taking its time before releasing the company’s first dual rear camera smartphone, but the Galaxy Note 8 shooters look pretty great already.
Samsung’s first dual camera phone might be a China-only Galaxy J7 (2017) version after all
Forget the S8+, Note 7 or even C10, as Samsung’s first ever dual camera smartphone is reportedly headed to China under the confusing Galaxy J7 (2017) name.