Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator can now dual boot Android and Linux
Promised to deliver multi-boot function, the Cosmo Communicator is now finally able to dual boot Android and Linux.
Could a Galaxy Note 8 dual-boot Android and Windows simultaneously?
Samsung is patenting a smartphone interface that can run both Android and Windows. There’s UI to switch between the two or use both at the same time.
With the One M8 for Windows, how likely is dual-booting?
The One M8 for Windows has been called the “second coming of the HD2.” Will dual-boot happen? Can you convert the One M8 to WP 8.1? Read on to find out!
Image based on (cc) James Blunt
Dual-booting: the pros and cons
With more that a few OEMs toying with the idea of dual-booting, here’s what you need to know: what is it, & what are the pros and cons?