A new BlackBerry smartphone is coming in October with no physical keyboard, just a touchscreen

TCL wants to remind the world on the eve of IFA 2017 a new BlackBerry-branded mobile device is coming… a little later this year.

BlackBerry Mercury teaser video is four seconds long

Is this as much marketing as the supposed DTEK70 deserves or even needs? TCL may think so. Its North America branch manager is convinced of his PR strategy.

Verizon may get BlackBerry Mecury

The phone is told to be the last one designed in-house by Waterloo. The Priv was the last device by the company to get widespread network carriage.

TCL vows the BlackBerry ‘brand legacy will live on’, more details at CES 2017

BlackBerry’s hardware future as an exclusive TCL licensor will begin to be mapped out at next month’s CES, where the DTEK70 could go official.

TCL is bringing “The New BlackBerry” at CES 2017

But what will that entail? The “DTEK70” with an intractable keyboard? What does the Remington No. 2 from 1878 have to do with this?

RIP Pebble and Apple’s business post iPhone | #PNWeekly 230

On our podcast, we rip into Fitbit’s handling of its acquisition of Pebble and look into our crystal balls (as if we don’t do that enough) on Apple.

Freshly pictured BlackBerry QWERTY phone could well be in-house DTEK70/Mercury

Is this our first look at a legit pre-release prototype of BlackBerry’s last ever in-house QWERTY phone, dubbed DTEK70 or Mercury? Maybe.
BlackBerry going Android

BlackBerry’s in-house smartphone swan song is still ‘coming’, QWERTY keyboard and all

Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn’t altogether done with internally building smartphones yet, prepping one final keyboard design.