Galaxy S10 drop test shows Goldilocks was “just right”

Are controlled drop tests any meaningful indicator about how your Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ might fare after a 6-foot tumble?

The iPhone Xs has the most durable glass ever in an iPhone, sure?

Here we have a video that proves whether or not Apple’s claim of giving the iPhone Xs and Xs Max the most durable glass ever is true

Your Galaxy S9 will break on the first drop, even if it’s ‘marginally stronger’ than the S8

Deemed “slightly more durable” than the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still extremely fragile, according to SquareTrade.

Samsung drop tests its own Galaxy Note 8, just not on camera

Sure, the company will pay for an advertisement to be made and it’s all clever and such, but it doesn’t show a single impact on a surface.

iPhone X breakability and durability tests stress the need for a protective case

Just as expected, the new glass back and all-screen design make the iPhone X a very high risk for massive damage after a single hard drop.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handle drops better than the Galaxy Note 8, but still need cases

As always, it’s simply not a good idea to drop a mobile device made of glass on any side. That said, the iPhone 8 is not as fragile as the Note 8.

You probably shouldn’t count on the Galaxy S8 or S8+ resisting a single sidewalk drop

While far from surprising, the poor breakability scores of the hot new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are worrying for folks who tend to drop their phones.

Off-beat: Redmi Pro and Nokia 6 crack nuts because that’s a good idea for Weibo

Two Chinese dudes took two mid-range phones, nitpicked on each’s performance with video games and then smashed walnuts to pieces with each of them.