Amazon Drive is the latest cloud storage service to nix unlimited plan in favor of 1TB option

Like Microsoft’s OneDrive a while back, Amazon Drive pulls the unlimited cloud storage plug, offering 1TB instead for $60 a year.

It’s now possible to receive 50MB emails in Gmail, but sending size limits are 25MB

Google makes it possible to receive larger than before email attachments in Gmail, but oddly enough, not also to send massive files.

Legacy versions of Google Drive apps will be cut off from service access

Older versions of Docs, Sheets and Slides will also be shut down on both iOS and Android with update prompts in March. The effective date is April 3.

Running your office life from your smartphone

The office smartphone; basically how you can run your entire office life from your smartphone. Read on to find out how we did it!

Nexus shutterbugs may get Google Photos sweetheart deal

If you take a lot of photos with your Nexus device, perhaps maybe even throughput photos on your dedicated camera, Google Photos may get interesting.

Check your Google account security settings and score another free 2GB Drive storage

Learn how you can score some free Google Drive storage just by taking a moment to review your account security settings.

Don’t text and drive in Canada and Texi will reward you

Texting while driving is socially unacceptable in Canada (we’d hope everywhere), but people still do it. Texi hopes incentives will lure people to be safe.

Google Drive update hints at Chromecast support, move away from Google+ photo backup

A recent app teardown hints at pending Google Drive Chromecast support, as well as changes for how photos are auto-archived.

Google Android app updates: Drive, Hangouts, more

See what’s rolling out to smartphone users in this Wednesday’s batch of Google Android app updates.

Google encourages tighter app integration with Drive as new API launches

Learn what Google’s doing to encourage devs to use its cloud services through the updated Google Drive API.

Google Drive update: new editing, scanning tools, refreshed UI

Find out about all the changes in the latest Google Drive update, including scanning, editing, and a new look for the app.

Google Now Lets Android Apps Store Data in Special Google Drive Folders

Read about the intriguing new cloud storage tools Google is offering Android app developers.

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