You can install the Poco launcher on your Android device, but beware

You can have an idea of what it feels to have a Pocophone F1 by installing the Poco launcher in your smartphone, well if you are sure you want to

Best Buy to drop CD sales July 1 while Target may only pay labels per sale

Two of the last bastions of physical media for music are reportedly loosening their grips on the CD as the downloads era gives way to streaming.

In two weeks, YouTube Go gets 10 million downloads

It’s one app in the Android Go suite for budget or spec-lightened phones. YouTube Go is basically a data scrounger’s dream.

Google Play Store reports 10 million downloads for Microsoft Launcher

The Android launcher formerly known as Arrow Launcher has reached a big download milestone and that’s to be celebrated at the very least.

iOS 11 app downloads go up to 150MB on cellular networks

The limit has been raised from 100MB and allows app updates or even big apps to be downloaded on that unlimited data plan you probably have now.

iOS 11 OTA file weighs in at a whopping 2GB

2.03GB on our count, but in any case, if you’re stuck with a 16GB device (this update applies to the iPhone 5s, you know?), good luck.

Google Play “Best of 2016” includes a lot of face, Deadpool

Face-switching apps were the joys of 2016 and so was Deadpool, the hero so nice, he topped the Google Play Store’s lists twice.

Netflix brings its rich content library offline for Android and iOS downloads

No Internet connection? No problem with the latest Netflix iOS and Android apps, including unlimited downloads for offline viewing on all plans.

OnePlus 3T wallpapers free for download by company’s favorite artist

Hampus Olsson has been contracted to paint up spectacularly abstract wallpapers for each of OnePlus’s smartphones since the OnePlus 2.

Google Trips lets you pick a plan or plan a trip yourself

Where was this last time you fumbled yourself into the same bar for two straight weeks in Madrid!? Google Trips will help prevent that.

“Wait for Wi-Fi” download queue feature in beta on Google Play Store

Supposedly, if you’re on a cellular network, you can pile a line of apps to download later while on Wi-Fi. Simple enough for Google to test, right?

Verizon cruises over RootMetrics testing for 1H16 — T-Mobile last, but most improved

AT&T is second, Sprint is third, but T-Mobile is a most improved fourth and may be biting at some yellow towers soon enough.

The Nexus Launcher: leaked, dissected and pointed back at Google

Someone supposedly leaked a launcher that future Nexus devices may be using on top of their Android OS. Are we really asking about what it mean for Google?

T-Mobile Tuesdays tops the app charts

Remember the popular kid at school that threw the pizza parties, the ice cream socials and the movie marathons? T-Mobile Tuesdays is that app.

End of iTunes downloads “not an if, but when”

It’s “not an if, but when” question say sources inside Infinite Loop. Apple is trying to juggle its streaming music service with iTunes downloads.

Play Store, App Store continue with download-revenue gap

The Google Play Store doubled the number of downloads that the iOS App Store got, but the App Store nearly doubled the revenue the Play Store had in Q1.