Pocketnow Daily: The iPhone XI’s New Trick that Steve Jobs would HATE… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the iPhone XI and its Apple Pencil possible support, the new images of the Galaxy Note 10 and more
Chromecast-like Apple Dongle reportedly being considered in Cupertino
According to a recent report, Apple might be considering a new Chromecast-like product, an Apple Dongle, to reach more people with content.
Luna Display lets iPads become wireless displays for Mac Mini
A wireless display dongle connecting Macs to iPads started off on Kickstarter and has moved to bigger things. Like this experiment.
Apple isn’t bundling new iPad Pro with headphone jack dongle
With the shift from Lightning to USB-C, Apple has decided that its customers who are already paying more than $799 for a tablet can pay more for a dongle.
European OnePlus 6T pricing, bumps of up to €40 expected
It’s an all-too-predictable trend that’s rumored to continue onto the OnePlus 6T, but will the value proposition keep up?
Hong Kong store sells Google Pixel 3 XL for more than US$2,000
The Pixel 3 XL has had many premature appearances in the wild, but it’s actually beginning to cement itself in the retail world now.
Apple ditches dongles for older iPhones too
Apple has not only omitted to bundle the audio dongle with the new iPhone models, but it is also removing it from previous models as well.
RIP iPhone X, iPhone SE and 6s, sacrifices are sometimes necessary
The iPhone X just lasted one year in the Apple Store, and guess what else is going to be missing in the box of your new iPhones
Pixel 3 XL unboxed and there’s more to it than the notch
A fully furnished Pixel 3 XL box has been sent to a Russian publication. Turns out, the source says, Google has forgotten about a shipping container.
Sony tries (and fails) to explain why there’s no headphone jack on chubby Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact
Believe it or not, Sony’s shift to a new “Ambient Flow” design language has been officially blamed for the removal of the headphone jack on the chunky Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.
Sony’s new USB-C headphone dongle (with extra charge port) provides bare convenience
Sure, you can listen to music with a standard pair of cans AND charge your phone at the same time, but you can’t charge it quickly nor transfer data to your phone.