Building your own mobile phone is serious fun

Making your own mobile phone sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually really fun! We’re not talking about a fancy iPhone here, but it is still quite an excellent learning experience.

Contribute to MAKERphone on Kickstarter and learn how to make your own phone

Preparing for the steampunk apocalypse? You might want to make your own phone. This crowdfunded kit, fully funded, will take you from circuit board to code.

iFixit disassembled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so you don’t have to

It’s probably not a good idea to tear down and try to repair the hot new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the event of anything other than catastrophic damage.

First OnePlus 5 teardown looks like a DIY enthusiast’s worst nightmare

Despite lacking a repairability score, this comprehensive OnePlus 5 teardown is far from encouraging for occasional smartphone handymen.

Google Assistant SDK open for integration into your next hardware project

Pittsburgh-based robotics lab Deeplocal, for example, took the SDK out for a run and came back with a smart mocktail mixer.

Japanese Vaprilware: Google Translate bubble wrap input

The Google Japanese Input Puchi Puchi Version isn’t going to get mass produced, but you could get your hands into an Arduino board…

PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 gets modded for black facade

Shop freaks, if you’re looking to switch out the face of your newly purchased red iPhone 7, check out a couple videos showing you how to.

You’ve never seen a Nexus 6 like this

One of our readers didn’t like the look of his stock “Motorola Shamu” – so he took matters into its own hands and created this beauty of a Nexus 6 mod.