Apple quietly began repairing iPhones with third-party batteries

If employees find a third-party display or battery in a customer’s iPhone, but don’t see an issue with them, they’ll still work on the phone.

Sony rebrand leaked to turn Xperia XZ4 into Xperia 1

The Xperia XA3, still in the rumor pipelines, was rebranded as the Xperia 10. Does this mean the Xperia XZ4 will be the Xperia 1?

Almost 60 percent of OLED production in 2018 was toward smartphones

Millions of square meters of OLED displays went to smartphones last year. Most of the money made in the industry came from smartphones, too.

Expect more HDR displays on Nokia phones with new agreement

The Nokia 7.1 demonstrated that great HDR content can be had on a $350 Android phone. That technology will be going farther on other Nokia devices.

TCL pre-announces Alcatel and BlackBerry plans, edge-to-edge displays for CES 2019

New mid-range and budget phones to be expected, further availability of the latest BlackBerries and edge-to-edge displays are due in Vegas.

Ice Universe: 5G iPhone will have punch-hole display

Most analysts and observers believe the first 5G iPhone will come out in 2020. But did they see this knock-out development coming?

Samsung rules smartphone display market with Super AMOLED

Samsung not only claims dominance in the OLED market, where it has long held the lead, but also in LCD production for smartphones.
iPhone X resale value

Apple could be planning on using MicroLED and MiniLED displays in their devices

More changes could come to the displays of Apple devices like the iPhone and Apple Watches with the new MicroLED and MiniLED displays

The $1,000 iPhone X didn’t work out for Apple, so expect more LCDs to come

Sources say that LG is set to provide a mix of LCD and OLED displays for 2019’s iPhones. Why? People were turned off by the cost of the iPhone X.

Ad spending does not help LG Mobile sales in 2Q18

Home appliances and home entertainment made good money for LG this quarter, but low-end phone sales collapsed in a saturated market.

Can the “Unbreakable Panel” keep Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens safe?

For the longest time, smartphone makers have used glass to protect the underlying display from damage. Could plastic be the future?

Most people will have to live with the iPhone 9’s thicker bezels

It’s expected to replace the design that’s been on the iPhone 8, 7 and others before with an iPhone X-like approach, but with some compromise.

LG Display signs deal to supply 2018 iPhones with up to 24 million screens

LG has reportedly taken its fair share of Apple’s orders for displays for its three new iPhones this year. How much is that share?

Apple turns to one supplier for thin backlight for iPhone 9

Sources say that this thin backlight is all for the sake of a thinner bezel line though whether or not it will have a thin bezel is up to other factors.

LG supply chain claims it will make up to 5 million OLED displays for iPhones

That’s more than what was originally reported a week ago and some company blabbers are excited for the orders. So, what’s next? A foldable iPhone?

LCD iPhone and iPhone X sequels may get up to six colors total

The affordable 6.1-inch iPhone may launch with four or five colors at launch while the most premium 6.5-inch version may go for the gold.

Kuo: LCD iPhone is not late, but look for new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with Face ID

Famous (or infamous) Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is back at a new investment firm and is tackling some predictions on what the company has to offer soon.

Galaxy S10, LG G8 may get bone conduction technology to kill the notch

Both Samsung and LG have display divisions working on bone conduction audio passthrough for upcoming smartphones in 2019.

Supply chain sources affirm LG Display’s notched OLED panel on Pixel 3 XL

There’s more evidence that the Pixel 3 XL will feature a display with a notch in it. But will LG Display do better than last year’s effort?

Will the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone actually have an OLED display instead?

The consensus from the analysts looking closely into this stuff is that this fall’s 6.1-inch model will be more affordable than two more premium models in part because of its LCD screen.
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Chinese display maker BOE helping Huawei with a foldable smartphone

BOE is already reportedly very busy on multiple foldable phone projects, but it looks like Huawei could be working with LG Display in the meantime for a short-term release.

Triple-camera iPhone in 2019 to follow emphasis on LCD iPhone this year

Taiwanese supply chain sources are calling for an affordable iPhone (at up to $800 starting price) lead the charts this year and a triple-camera iPhone next year.

The fight for Lytro and the flight of Huawei | #PNWeekly 297

On this week’s show: Google is the favorite in the market to buy out light field camera maker Lytro while Huawei is said to be taking a slugging in the US.
Foldable smartphones

Qualcomm tells of foldable phone struggles

Research and development has been happening for a long time, but foldable displays still aren’t at the stage where they can survive three years of the bends.

Korean sources see 150 million LCD iPhones produced this year

Only 50 million OLED displays will supposedly be ordered for this year’s most premium iPhones coming in September. But this view comes in conflict with another from this week.