OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20 Ultra gets A+ from DisplayMate for its ‘Indistinguishable From Perfect’ display
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s display has received the highest A+ rating from DisplayMate, and has also set multiple records in the process.
Galaxy S10 new champion as DisplayMate’s best screen
The display-testing firm has released a full bounty of data on the Galaxy S10’s record-setting AMOLED panel.
Note9 display
Galaxy Note9 display raises the bar, claim DisplayMate superlatives
The verdict is on for the Galaxy Note9 display. The folks over at DisplayMate are running out of superlatives to describe it.
Samsung Galaxy S9 beats iPhone X for DisplayMate’s best smartphone display title
Samsung is raising the bar once again with the OLED “Infinity Display” on the newly unveiled Galaxy S9, deemed better than the previous Infinity Display by DisplayMate. Better than the iPhone X, too.
The iPhone X beats the Galaxy Note 8 for the world’s best display title using Samsung hardware
It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone X uses a Samsung-made OLED screen, but thanks to proprietary calibration, that bad boy is the new world leader.
Samsung outdoes itself with the Galaxy Note 8 display, judged best in the world by DisplayMate
Samsung set a standard in the spring that seemed impossible to beat, but believe it or not, the Galaxy Note 8’s display is even better than the S8’s.