Over 50 million users have subscribed to Disney Plus since its launch
Disney Plus has reached over 50 million subscribers since it first launched in November 2019, with availability in the US, India and some European countries
Disney+ Hotstar
Disney+ to launch as ‘Disney+ Hotstar’ on April 3 in India
The streaming service will host a virtual red carpet event on April 2 as a prelude to the launch.
Huawei P40 vs Samsung Galaxy S20
Pocketnow Daily: Why People HATE Exynos On Samsung Galaxy Phones?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the petition against Exynos procesors in Samsung Galaxy phones, leaks of the OnePlus 8 Pro and more
Disney+ to arrive in Europe with reduced streaming quality
The EU had asked streaming services to consider temporary reductions in streaming quality.
disney+ Hotstar
Disney+ goes live in India with originals like The Mandalorian
The new design is not yet live on Hotstar’s website.
Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 7T LEAKED with a NEW CAMERA! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the leaks of the new OnePlus 7T and its camera arrangement, the four cameras on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and more
Disney+ is coming soon with free 4K and other goodies
The new streaming service Disney+ is coming soon with lower prices and better video quality for less than the competition
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
Verizon’s Black Friday deals include a new Mickey Mouse watch
There’s plenty of “buy one, get one” discounts to pass along, but the Checkmark has also taken the opportunity to launch a few products, too.
BlackBerry lites up, Lenovo snaps up a new dragon | IFA 2018 Daily: Day -1 and 0
Laptops from Acer, ASUS and Lenovo and a quintet of phones from the well-meaning to the overachieving. You know it’s a trade show out there.
Star Wars: Jedi Challenges expands with Dark Side and Kylo Ren Lightsaber
A new Dark Side Expansion pack takes the story further in this augmented reality game and there’s a new Lightsaber to own for this expansion.
Disney brings six new ‘Incredibles’ characters to AR Emoji on Galaxy S9
Samsung and Disney’s AR Emoji collaboration is taken to the next level today with the addition of six new “Incredibles 2” characters to the Galaxy S9 ahead of the new movie’s launch.
Samsung adds launch-day Mickey and Minnie Mouse AR Emoji support to Galaxy S9
Whether you find the AR Emoji feature on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ fun or creepy, at least you can now lend your movements and expressions to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Movies Anywhere brings major studios together across all your devices
After three years of Disney exclusivity, the Movies Anywhere digital locker service has expanded to Warner Bros., Fox, Universal and Sony.
IFA 2017 (aka AirBnB show part deux) | #PNWeekly 268
We barely see Kylo Ren in our view and the differences in aperture on the V30. Moto, Samsung and more on our show this week from Berlin!
Lenovo Mirage is the AR headset that’s part of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges
The augmented reality game features Lenovo’s mixed-reality hardware expertise in the Mirage headset. Will it become its own thing?
Android’s State of Emergency | #PNWeekly 262
Android phones have trouble dialing 911 (or 999) and Lenovo is teaming up with Disney to send you on Jedi Adventures! All on this week’s show!
Citibank looks for big Apple acquisitions with its cash pile
Netflix, Disney and Electronic Arts are the biggest names called out by analyst Jim Suva. But does Apple have the will to pick up investors’ targets?
Over-the-air wireless charging from Disney? Research paper published on magnetic waves
Believe it or not, Disney Research is investing dollars and scientists into wireless charging. It revolves around a Tesla coil and involves a whole room.
Carnegie Mellon and Disney team up to figure out what you’re touching with a smartwatch
Magnets. How’s that to start a story? In the case that we…
Disney delivers cross-platform movie library syncing
Learn about the new Disney cross-platform movies experience, where you can buy a film on iTunes and watch it on your Android tablet.