Android TV gaining partnerships, now in “tens of millions” of homes

While it has grown the most in Europe and Asia, Android TV boxes are set for a good popcorn explosion in the United States.

As WatchTV debuts, AT&T jacks up DIRECTV NOW price by $5 per month

A $5 per month bump is pretty annoying, but the context of this hike is one to be concerned about if you like your streaming media affordable.

AT&T jacks administrative fee from 76 cents to $2 per month

That’s a hike of approximately 260 percent. What’s up with this rocket and what does this mean for people who have lines with AT&T?

AT&T Watch TV content bay to launch with two “&More” service plans

AT&T Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Premium will include this new suite of 30 live channels for mobile users for free.

AT&T closes on Time Warner acquisition

The second-largest wireless carrier just got bigger, but not in the way that would help build its network. Instead, it’s building its content offerings.

Media pickups are part of AT&T and Verizon plans for tracked ads

In addition to acquiring programming and platforms, there are also customers to have as well. That’s more data and that’s more ads.

In AT&T-Time Warner merger trial, US government wants CNN parent to be spun off

The Department of Justice wants to separate Turner Broadcasting, which owns several basic and premium cable channels, from satellite TV provider DIRECTV, owned by AT&T.

AT&T Sponsored Data program now available for prepaid plans

AT&T Prepaid customers are getting free data to use, but only when watching content with certain apps. And currently, all those apps are owned by AT&T.

Free iPhone 7 tops AT&T’s list of Black Friday deals, but there are strings attached

AT&T’s free iPhone 7 Black Friday deal requires both installment plans and a DirecTV subscription. The free LG V20 is much easier to get.

NFL may expand match livestreaming away from Verizon phones

Most in-town games are carried by Verizon on the smartphone form factor. That could change with a new agreement coming into place.

Pay $140 and up for four months of DirecTV Now access, and get a free Apple TV 4K

The hot new Apple TV 4K typically costs $179 with 32GB storage, but new DirecTV Now streamers can get it completely free of charge.

Sign up for three months of AT&T DirecTV Now service and get an Apple TV on the house

In addition to a cool discount if you combine AT&T’s unlimited wireless service and DirecTV Now streaming, you can now also get a free Apple TV.

Moto 360 Camera Mod emerges out of nowhere, a bunch of thrilling concepts also boasted

No words on specs, pricing or release dates for the confusingly named Moto 360 Camera Mod discreetly unveiled in Ghana… of all places.

AT&T combines DirecTV Now access with unlimited wireless service for just $70 a month

AT&T is still trying to make DirecTV Now happen, throwing in more than 60 top TV channels for Unlimited Choice subscribers at a $10 premium.

AT&T stores could lock up as crews strike this weekend

Retail workers for the wireless side as well as AT&T’s wireline and satellite employees are walking pickets for the weekend.

AT&T earnings for 1Q17 show that it’s losing out

191,000 postpaid subscribers are gone, part of the 700,000 across the board. Revenues are shrinking. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

LeEco discounts in US continue during tax rebate season

About time those taxes were paid off. LeEco thinks you should get a few rebates of your own before the IRS has anything to say.

AT&T Unlimited Plus subscribers get free HBO with or without DirecTV Now

In addition to all the monthly data you can eat, AT&T Unlimited Plus subscriptions come with premium HBO access at no extra charge.

Fewer AT&T exclusives, more Verizon exclusives in the US market

AT&T is leaning back on its old strategy of nailing device exclusives while its biggest competitor is committing to the opposite with stellar results.

AT&T 4Q16 earnings slip, but outlook bright under new FCC chair

Between DIRECTV NOW and a drip, drip, drip of customers, there’s something to celebrate in Donald Trump and incoming FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

FCC policy on zero-rate streaming hardens towards AT&T and Verizon

The two carriers have their own content distribution platforms and have offered to zero-rate their wireless subscribers’ data charges for streaming.

AT&T launches DIRECTV NOW with 120+ channels accessible on mobile

You can stream those channels on your smartphone, tablet, computer on your smart TV starting at $30 per month on November 30.

AT&T DirecTV Now streaming service will reportedly launch with free Apple TV or Fire TV Stick

AT&T is purportedly looking to make some headlines with the launch of a DirecTV Now Netflix rival, free streaming gear included.

DirecTV subscribers can get iPhone 6s free, up to five more half-off at AT&T

AT&T is offering DirecTV customers a free iPhone 6s and even more at half-off the price. There are just a few catches you need to note.

Seven days until 104 applicants battle it out in 600MHz auction

The auction is expected to take five months, but could end up going longer if conditions deteriorate. The impacts of this auction won’t be seen for years.