Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could get DeX support in the future
The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip doesn’t include DeX support, but hopefully it may receive this feature with a future software update
Samsung’s Black Friday deals begin November 16
Samsung, being the massive tech presence it is, has a raging tide of discounts for its fridges, tablets, phones, laptops, everything.
Galaxy Note 9 announced with terabyte potential, enhanced S Pen and more OIS
The S Pen can do pretty much more than anything on the phone and we’re seeing a first for the Note line with individually-stabilized cameras.
Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S4 has a few innovative tricks up its sleeve! Take a look at our Hands-on for a quick peek at what this new tablet will offer.
With Galaxy Note 9, Samsung could approach productivity with DeX cable
Instead of a DeX Dock or DeX Station, why not a DeX cable? Turns out that a bulky, overengineered product doesn’t exactly sell well.
Huawei Mate 10 (Pro) tipped to take Galaxy Note 8 on with ‘DeX-like’ dock
The fast-approaching Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are expected to challenge the Galaxy Note 8’s versatility with similar PC-transforming abilities.
Samsung DEX Knox
Complimentary Samsung DeX docks getting resold on Korean e-markets
The docks, which were given free with some Galaxy S8+ pre-orders in Korea, started popping up on Joongonara in the past week by the hundreds.
Galaxy S8+ hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM gets official $1,000+ price in Korea, DeX Station included
Samsung’s top-of-the-line 6GB RAM/128GB ROM Galaxy S8+ configuration is just as pricey as expected, launching in Korea before China.
Samsung DEX
Can Samsung DeX succeed where Microsoft failed? Should it?
Samsung DeX is Samsung’s version of Continuum. A noble sentiment, but is it a solution looking for a problem? We suspect it might be.
Galaxy S8 hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition also coming April 21 with Microsoft ‘customization’
Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and “more” productivity-focused apps are pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.
Samsung DEX
Effortlessly turn your Galaxy S8 into an Android-based PC with Samsung DeX Station
As expected, the Samsung DeX Station draws inspiration from Microsoft’s Continuum and Display Dock, converting the Galaxy S8 into a workhorse.