OPPO flagship
OPPO could start producing its own chipsets with help from OnePlus and Realme
OPPO may have started to develop its own chipset with the help of engineers from OnePlus and Realme to stop depending on other companies
Samsung Gear S4 now testing LTE on US networks
We don’t expect major changes to the Gear S4 from previous models, but we do expect a new model to come in various network compatibilities.
Vaunt, Intel’s smart glasses, canceled
The New Devices Group at Intel, said to be about 200-strong, is being disbanded. That means that all projects, including this promising one, are being shelved.
Apple Watch loses Instagram app with watchOS SDK threshold
App developers will need to drop off the watchOS 1 SDK and move onto at least watchOS 2. Instagram, for some reason, will not do that, thus the end of the applet.
Apple hiring more Siri-related positions this year
Most of the 161 positions that are currently posted are focused on software engineering. Could Apple finally be taking the shovel to building Siri’s intelligence?
Foldable smartphones
Qualcomm tells of foldable phone struggles
Research and development has been happening for a long time, but foldable displays still aren’t at the stage where they can survive three years of the bends.
The HiKey 970 is a Huawei-infused development board
It’s a development board meant more for established tech firms and startups working in emerging fields. And with AI, neural processing and a lot more in this board, it’s fitting.
Instagram may allow regrams within Stories
In one way, this should help ‘Grammers reach their fans and friends with posts that might otherwise get lost in the feed that Instagram has so lovingly curated.
Apple cuts back on in-house R&D for Micro-LED
The company is supposedly working on this micro-LED technology for small panel uses like on the Apple Watch. Chipmaker TSMC may step in to help.
iPhone X rushed from 2018 to this year
Through sheer will, Apple was able to bring a phone that we’ve been tracking for a 2018 release to today. Not much consequence to talk about.
Meizu and MediaTek partner for facial recognition tech
Will MediaTek be able to churn up China with fancy face-reading cameras with Meizu… perhaps on a Meizu phone next year?
Will the Fitbit smartwatch ever launch? Was the Pebble acquisition all for naught?
The app store has reportedly been getting doubtful glances from third-party developers and even Spotify. Will Fitbit make it up by the fall?
KGI Securities not confident on a perfect in-screen fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm
While Qualcomm’s latest attempt, debuting at MWC Shanghai last week, is better than previous ones, it’s still not practical enough for wide implementation.
Did Taimen eat Muskie? Google Pixel 2 XL may just be bigger than big
The big news is that Google may not end up launching three phones in 2017 after all. But for the two phones that were to be bread and butter anyway…
Samsung working towards 4nm lithography and the step ahead of FinFET
Silicon may be a boring topic for consumers, but smaller and more efficient chip processes mean that device OEMs can fit more into phones.
Galaxy S9 development already on with codename “Star”
According to industry chatter, the R&D process for the next Galaxy S flagship has launched about 3 months ahead of schedule.
Softbank, Sprint and Qualcomm working on 5G for 2.5GHz spectrum
What is currently Band 41 for LTE will pave the way for both parent company Softbank in Japan and Sprint in the US to spread 5G fast late in 2019.
Tablet multitasking is the highlight of first peeks at Google Fuchsia OS
A video shows off what Google might do if and when it replaces Android with a revised mobile operating system. There are pictures, too.
Apple and Foxconn want to expand in Indonesia, China
If and when Apple and Foxconn can put together a plan to build iPhones in the USA, the two will probably have set up more white collar jobs elsewhere.
Fitbit hopes to rain down Pebble’s cloud services through 2017
Many of the core apps on Pebble OS utilize cloud services, so the goal is to dismantle those links. Third-party services will have to wind down.
The strategy on Windows 10 Mobile? Keeping Windows on cellular and on ARM chips
Keeping the OS on cellular and on ARM chips. Windows 10 Mobile has to be mobile Windows 10. The development on software continues.
Could LG Pay have MST? It could appear on G6
Samsung Pay has a firm grip of Magnetic Secure Transmission technology with its patents, so LG may have to figure out something clever if the above is true.
Apple predictably picks Shenzhen to be the home of its second Chinese R&D center
After Beijing, Apple has just confirmed it’ll be setting up camp in Shenzhen for a new Chinese research and development institute next year.
Apple in China with first research and development center
This location would be the fourth international one for an Apple R&D center. 500 employees are expected to file into Beijing by the end of the year.
Google shows off Project Soli evolution in gesture-controlled smartwatch
Project Soli is another extremely ambitious and futuristic Google concept, envisioning a future where you can control every gadget from a distance.