Android 11

The first update for Android 11 developer preview is live

The developer preview of Android 11 has received its first update to deliver pattches and fix some of the bugs that came with the first version

Android Pie spoiled for Nokia 7 Plus users who just got fourth beta

Those who were hoping to get an early jump on the official Android P build with the Nokia 7 Plus are a little disappointed, but a follow-up should be soon.

Android P Developer Preview 5 is final step before formal release

Android P has reached the end of the trialing pipeline and is set to be released within the next several weeks. What will be the treat name?

Futurism for the Mi MIX 3 and Galaxy X | #PNWeekly 312

Is HTC still the phone maker we know and love? How are iPhone buyers sizing up their phones based on where they come from? And a whole lot more.

Android P Developer Preview 4 released behind schedule

We are nearing release of the next version of Android and this update’s a little bit late. But at least we know that the platform is spreading its wings.

Eventually, Android will have toggle for Dark Theme UI

Android users have been thirsty for a dark theme for years. Pixel 2 owners only have this feature on an wallpaper-contingent basis.

Sony Xperia XZ2 scores Android P Beta 2 update with enhanced stability

The second beta quality version of Android P is rolling out as an over-the-air update for existing Sony Xperia XZ2 software testers.

Essential Phone now publicly on Android P beta track

From developer preview to public beta, it’s still gotta be flashed into the device if you’re willing to try Android P with Essential.

Google gets the Android P Beta 2 ball rolling for Pixel and Pixel 2 devices

The second beta quality Android P release and third developer preview includes final APIs and the official SDK, rolling out now to Google’s Pixel phones.

Face ID settings tuned for iPad, but no hardware yet

In the iOS 12 developer beta, iPad users can find aew option to set up Face ID. Except they can’t. Not on any iPad just yet.
Essential PH-1

Essential Phone will get standard 3-year software update schedule

The company insists that the Essential PH-1 will remain on its normal software update schedule through mid-2020, even as the fate of the company is uncertain.

Android P will force crash an app by default if it stops responding

Instead of having to wait for an app to maybe un-freeze itself or maybe crash once and for all, Android P will just shut it down. Why? Learn more about this double-edged sword.

Wear OS developer preview updated with more (and less) power saving

Some tweaks were made to new power-saving measures implemented in the first preview while entirely new features are getting included now.

Latest iOS 11.4 beta includes USB Restricted Mode to spoil cops

The feature returns from the iOS 11.3 beta as it has skipped out on the public release. But what does this mean for law enforcement trying to use decryption box tools for iPhones in evidence?

Here are the devices eligible for the Android P beta

You can get into the newest version of Android long before it’s even finalized just by having one of 11 phones and with a little bit of clicking. Start here.

Global private DNS in Android P and a new navigation mode

It’s not just about security while internet browsing, but also an iPhone X user interface motif that might get imported to Android P, according to some conspiratorial monitors.

Razer Phone will get Android Oreo in April

Android 8.1 will be coming for the gamer’s phone starting in mid-to-late April, Razer says. We can’t wait, everyone else says.

Wear OS Developer Preview launched with Android P platform features

Even though it’s not named Android Wear anymore, the development of Wear OS is still tied down to the main version of Android.

Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3 | #PNWeekly 295

The FBI recruited Best Buy employees as an arm of the law, but did it breach citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights? That plus Android P and HTC phone feedback on our show!

5 updates in Android P Developer Preview scheme, final launch in Q3

The second developer preview will be released at around the time of Google I/O. Even with five scheduled updates in total, Android P is expected to go public in the third quarter.

Android P Developer Preview begins with big new media codecs supported

Other big points for app makers include a flooding threshold for to encourage the API level support and idle state apps not being able to record device sensor data. Images for Pixel phones are available.

Android P Developer Preview could be a week or so away

Last year, the Android O Developer Preview came in on March 21. Reasonable enough to think that P could follow in that trend. There’s even more features to spoil in this post.

AOSP updated with first signs of Android P Developer Preview

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza WHAT? Code for the “future” has been appended to the AOSP gerrit and it’s taking us to the next level.

All’s right with the world, as Google brings the correct burger emoji to Android 8.1

The cheese goes on top of the meat patty for the redesigned burger emoji in Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview 2, and we can all be at peace again.

Pixel Visual Core should make photos taken in Instagram not suck

At least, not suck entirely. We saw dynamic range adjustments improve the whole of the picture we Insta’d with the latest Android 8.1 developer preview.