HTC ‘Harmony’ tipped to be marketed under U11 EYEs brand, but what might that entail?
Is the upcoming HTC U11 EYEs, aka Harmony or Ocean Harmony, set to bring back the company’s dual camera technology? Perhaps.
HTC Desire Eye, One E8 and One M8 Eye start receiving OTA Marshmallow goodies
Following in the footsteps of the One M8 and One M9 at last, the HTC Desire Eye, One E8 and One M8 Eye have started receiving Marshmallow OTA.
HTC Desire Eye Sense UI
HTC Desire Eye reportedly ‘confirmed’ to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow
The selfie-centric HTC Desire Eye is most likely among the phones set to jump on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow bandwagon after the One M8 and One M9.
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Wow. Such yuneeq. Very metale. Fone. I’m basically just using this as…
Latest serving of HTC Hot Deals lets you shave up to 30 percent off online purchases
The Nexus 9 is no longer alone in HTC’s US-exclusive assortment of “Hot Deals”, with all HTC products sold online qualifying for up to 30 percent off today
List of HTC phones to be updated to Android Marshmallow leaked
Marshmallow is bouncing toward our Android phones left, right and center. It…
HTC Desire Eye Sense UI
HTC Desire EYE gets Lollipop update tomorrow
The HTC Desire EYE Lollipop update will be landing tomorrow, bringing to the phone many of the same features that the One M9 has featured.
HTC Desire EYE review rebuttal: bold and powerful, with a selfie on top
Itching for more on HTC’s bold new Desire EYE? We provide another perspective on the phone right here in our HTC Desire EYE review rebuttal.
Leaked Lollipop plans let us know when to expect updates for HTC models
Own an HTC device (that isn’t the unlocked One M8)? These leaked HTC Lollipop update plans will likely let you know when you’re getting Lollipop.
HTC Desire Eye Sense UI
HTC Sense 7 teased for 2014 models earlier than expected
Learn more about how HTC plans to launch HTC Sense 7 to its existing smartphone lineup for 2014. It seems that it’ll be ready sooner than expected.
HTC Desire EYE
HTC Desire Eye review: midrange name, flagship performance
HTC’s Desire Eye is a well-built phone that performs surprisingly well for a mid-ranger. Let’s see how the phone stacks up in our Desire Eye review.
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HTC Desire EYE vs HTC One E8
HTC Desire EYE vs HTC One E8 (Video)
What would happen if you upgraded a Desire’s specs & threw in a 13MP camera on back as well as the front? This is the HTC Desire EYE vs the HTC One E8.
HTC Desire EYE
Here’s what the HTC Desire Eye cameras can do
When you put a 13MP camera on the front of a smartphone, amazing things happen. Here’s what the HTC Desire EYE cameras can do.
HTC Desire EYE
HTC Desire EYE unboxing (Video)
Out to prove it can do cameras as good as everyone else, the HTC Desire EYE is a phone with a front-facing selfie-cam that’s as good as the one on the back.
HTC Desire Eye, One M8 for Windows, Lumia 830 find a home at AT&T
AT&T’s got a ton of new phones arriving; learn about the start of HTC Desire Eye sales, as well as those for the Lumia 830, WP One M8, and more.
Verizon HTC One M8 will likely get EYE Experience update tomorrow
The Verizon HTC One M8 EYE Experience update is scheduled for release as early as tomorrow, if HTC exec Mo Versi is to be believed.
Unlocked HTC One M8 gets EYE features, Android 4.4.4 tomorrow
The HTC One M8 EYE Experience update will be heading out tomorrow for unlocked models, bringing new camera features and Android 4.4.4, among other things.
HTC Desire EYE vs iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus: spec showdown
Check out our HTC Desire EYE vs iPhone 6 Plus / 6 comparison if you were debating between two of the best cameraphones on the market right now.
HTC Desire EYE vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: full specs comparison
This full HTC Desire EYE vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs comparison will fill you in on the differences between HTC’s selfie phone and Samsung’s monster.
HTC Desire EYE vs HTC One M8: spec to spec comparison
Our HTC Desire EYE vs HTC One M8 specs comparison dives deep into the innards of both handsets in order to find out which is HTC’s best.
HTC Desire EYE specs: cracking open the hottest new Android
Intrigued by that 13MP front-facing camera, but need more beefy specs to push you to purchase? Find out what you get in our HTC Desire EYE specs list.
HTC Desire EYE hands-on: party in the front, party in the back
HTC’s newest phone doesn’t offer a 13MP camera – it offers two of ’em. We took it for a spin to see what it’s like; join us for our HTC Desire EYE hands-on!
HTC announces Desire EYE with massive front-facer
HTC has just raised the bar for front-facing camera performance, introducing its new HTC Desire EYE, set to be an AT&T exclusive in the States.
HTC delivering new camera features to its phones with EYE Experience
Discover the new features coming to your HTC Android with the release of the HTC EYE Experience software package.