HTC officially posts preliminary list of Android 6.0-ready smartphones

A dozen of HTC smartphones have been officially confirmed as upgradeable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, starting with the One M9 and One M8.

List of HTC phones to be updated to Android Marshmallow leaked

Marshmallow is bouncing toward our Android phones left, right and center. It…

Leaked Lollipop plans let us know when to expect updates for HTC models

Own an HTC device (that isn’t the unlocked One M8)? These leaked HTC Lollipop update plans will likely let you know when you’re getting Lollipop.

What does the word ‘flagship’ really mean?

We use the word all the time, but what does “flagship” really mean? Discover the true meaning of flagship and why we’re not so eager to use it all the time.

HTC goes after US shoppers with latest Desire models

HTC Desire US sales are about to get a boost, with Virgin Mobile getting the 816 tomorrow, and HTC increasing its online sales presence.

HTC Desire 816 vs HTC One mini 2 (video)

HTC offers two mid-tier devices, how do they compare? Let’s find out: here’s the HTC Desire 816 vs HTC One mini 2.
HTC Desire 816 review

HTC Desire 816 review: a mid-tier phone with flagship DNA

Did HTC find the perfect balance of specs and user experience with its newest, biggest mid-tier smartphone? Find out in our HTC Desire 816 review!

Here’s why 4 UltraPixels are better than 13 megapixels

Higher-res or larger pixels? Which of HTC’s most recent phones has the better camera? Read why the One M8 wins in this UltraPixel vs megapixel face-off!
HTC Desire 816 vs Motorola Moto X

HTC Desire 816 versus Motorola Moto X (video)

We’ve already compared the mid-tier HTC Desire 816 with its top-tier sibling. Now we’re looking at another popular phone: here’s the Desire 816 vs Moto X.
HTC Desire 816 versus HTC One M8 - leader

HTC Desire 816 versus HTC One M8 (video)

Comparing a mid-level to a high-end smartphone isn’t exactly playing fair. Nonetheless, here’s the HTC Desire 816 versus the HTC One M8.
HTC Desire 816 Unboxing

HTC Desire 816 Unboxing (video)

The utility of a big screen without the jumbo-price tag. The HTC Desire 816 is the mid-range smartphone that looks great, without breaking the bank.

Pocketnow Weekly 085: MWC 2014 wrap-up from Team Barcelona

All the news from Barcelona, brought to you by the guys reporting on it: the Pocketnow Weekly is back with MWC 2014 Samsung, Sony, Nokia news & more!

The best of MWC 2014, from afar

Now that Mobile World Congress has officially closed, it’s time to reflect on the show. This is the best of MWC 2014, through the eyes of Pocketnow editors.
New HTC Desire

HTC’s new Desires finally live up to the name

For most of us, the HTC Desire lineup hasn’t been all that desirable. Now, fresh out of MWC, two new HTC desire models are finally living up to their name.

HTC Desire 816 vs Galaxy Note 3: hands-on comparison (Video)

See how HTC’s new phablet measures-up to Samsung’s heavyweight in our HTC Desire 816 vs Galaxy Note 3 comparison video.

HTC Desire 816 vs One, One Max, and One Mini: hands-on comparison (Video)

See how the new Desire compares in size to the One series with our HTC Desire 816 vs One, One Max, and One Mini video.

HTC Desire 816 hands-on (Video)

The mid-ranger that doesn’t know it’s a mid-ranger: HTC Desire 816 hands-on video.

HTC delivers news of Desire 816, Desire 610 mid-rangers

Find out what’s to like about the all-new HTC Desire 816, as well as the Desire 610 mid-ranger.