HTC 10 is still $550 through October 16, or $700 with $180 worth of freebies
The aging, not-so-successful but arguably compelling HTC 10 flagship phone is on sale in the US for a few more days, starting at $550.
T-Mobile HTC 10 sales stopped online weeks ago
HTC will find it harder to make its goal of breaking even on the income side with this development from T-Mobile. A flagship has sunk.
Verizon picks up HTC Desire 530
The HTC Desire 530 is now at another US carrier in both postpaid and prepaid flavors and at a considerable discount if you’re in the right position.
HTC Desire 10 may represent a cleanse in company’s mid-range strategy
With Taiwanese manufacturer HTC not doing too well with its latest flagship, it could be streamlining its mid-range Desire line.
The HTC Desire 530 makes its micro splash in the US (Update)
With its unique design, BoomSound speakers and price pressure proposition, the HTC Desire 530 is set for T-Mobile and Verizon.
HTC has “multiple priorities” from a flagship to mobile VR
“We have multiple priorities. Certainly, the phone business is also a priority and still — far and away — our biggest business.”
HTC teaches MWC the meaning of Desire with new 530, 630, and 825 models
See what the HTC Desire 825, Desire 630, and Desire 530 are doing to add a little color to the company’s mid-range offerings.
HTC Desire 530 and Desire 630 Hands On (Video)
Things looking too expensive for you at MWC 2016? Hey, have HTC got something for you. Check out our video.