Huawei now under Department of Justice eye for sanctions breach
A criminal investigation is looking into whether the Chinese tech manufacturer violated US trade sanctions by doing business in Iran.
Apple might be in trouble with US government agencies for iPhone performance throttling
The iPhone throttling scandal is far from over, as Apple still needs to answer questions from the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Department of Justice v. AT&T may determine fate of Time Warner starting in March
It’s an antitrust case on a distributor’s acquisition of a content provider. In this case, AT&T paying $85 billion for Time Warner.
Department of Justice wants to block AT&T from buying Time Warner
The agency has filed a lawsuit and will have to prove that the deal between a supplier and distributor would harm competition. Is CNN the breaking point?
Sprint and T-Mobile deal hits mudpatch over mixing with Washington, networks
The merger is all set, but the act of merging is under negotiation as DC bureaucrats will have to work this deal out. And Sprint may win if both lose.