Apple frees up next-day delivery through Saturday
Apple is guaranteeing that purchases made through Saturday will be delivered on Christmas Eve. And if you need to make a return, you’ve got time.
6th-gen iPad 9.7 deliveries already taking place
By the time we were able to check order statuses on the iPad 9.7, shipments were already moved into early April. But for fast fingers, it’s a fast iPad.
Believe it or not, you can still get the iPhone X delivered by Christmas if you order it today
It’s not that long ago that you had to wait several weeks for an iPhone X order to be shipped, and yet somehow, delivery times have dropped to just one day.
Apple offers free next-day delivery on December 22, two-hour delivery for $9
If you’re busy and still need to punch Apple holes in your shopping list, two-hour delivery is available for $9 and, as always, pick-up is free.
Various Apple Stores now promise iPhone X deliveries in no more than a week
Stateside, as well as across several important territories worldwide, Apple Store shoppers can get the iPhone X shipped in 5 business days.