2018 is over and Apple has broken its promise on the AirPower mat
Apple spoke of it in September of 2017 – a multi-device wireless charging mat. It said it would be coming in 2018. It’s not 2018 anymore. What happens now?
Verizon RED Hydrogen One units quarantined day before sale
RED community forum users are talking about Verizon delaying shipments of their Hydrogen One phones. Store representatives talk of a quarantine.
First production lot of RED Hydrogen One Titanium flubbed
The most premium version of the already top-end RED Hydrogen One has failed to turn out at the factories, so the CEO is doing something about it.
Who’s right about iPhone 9 delays — screen suppliers or Apple?
Some analysts and supply chain sources say that Apple is delaying the launch of this LCD model to allow more expensive ones to sell first and sell more.
Microsoft will revamp Andromeda entirely for 2019
Sources say that the project is still in incubation, but that it could have collided with the Surface brand and tanked it if it was executed imperfectly.
iPhone 9 will be delayed to let iPhone X sequels sell more
It’s not because there’s any delay in making the most affordable iPhone 9, but that it will be the most popular of three models out this year.
T-Mobile LG V30 getting Android Oreo again
It’s been a couple months and change since the last of the three other carriers pushed their Android 8.0 updates to their V30 units.
RED Hydrogen One delayed until August to incorporate 4-View cameras into base device
Company founder Jim Jannard is also hoping to notch deals for networks to carry his phone and have it launch simultaneously across all channels.
ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser and Zoom will see Android Oreo before July
A couple of old ZenFones still need to hold off for quite a time before they get their Android Oreo software updates. Is it just Oreo being Oreo?
Android Oreo for HTC U11 in Europe on delay
Even after the rest of the world has gotten Android 8.0 in the previous year, Europe has not seen their HTC U11 tick upwards yet.
iTunes app for Windows 10 (and Windows 10 S) delayed indefinitely
The announcement that an iTunes app would be coming to Windows 10 made with the introduction of the Windows 10 S has come to sad trombones.
Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10 pushed back two weeks
Cutting it a little too close to Christmas? Perhaps, but does the Wileyfox Pro need more time to get out to customers? It’s the call from Amazon.
HomePod unceremoniously delayed until early 2018
The HomePod was supposed to have started shipping in December in Australia, the UK and the US. Not the case anymore, Apple needs extra time.
TSMC and Foxconn see September slowdown thanks to iPhone X Face ID delays
Unknown production issues have affected the dot transmitter and receiver of the TrueDepth camera system. When will they get fixed?
iPhone X delays reportedly worsened with yields below 10 percent
The report out of financial firm Brightwire doesn’t have much meat to the bones, but it’s one that follows a cavalcade of concern on the iPhone X schedule.
KGI reduces iPhone X shipment forecast by 16 percent as Apple whiffs Q3
When Apple revealed that its $1,000 iPhone X was going to ship in November, the news sent investors scrambling to revise forecasts.
Blass: Snapdragon 836 is delayed past Pixel 2 production timeframe
@evleaks reports that Qualcomm is working on a chipset that some have said was not on the blueprints. This comes with an about face to Google.
Steel frame may contribute to iPhone 8 delays through November
One market analyst sees an iPhone 8 that won’t ship until late October or later because of a problem with the metal frame component.
WSJ: Touch ID also damned the iPhone 8 with delays
Apple’s splashiest and most expensive iPhone yet may be on its way… but its developmental has been sluggish all along that way.
Merrill Lynch predicts iPhone 8 delays running at least 3 weeks
It’s not just that the hits keep on coming, but rather the banks keep on betting. But does that really mean that the iPhone 8 will come mid-October?
Source says there’s iPhone 8 panic at Apple, and not the good kind
Software engineers are tipped to be on a scary slope to delays for major features like facial recognition and wireless charging on this $1,000+ iPhone.
Eve V may get better display as supplier stalls and delays grow
One of the company’s co-founders claims that their display supplier is running terribly behind with improving production yields at acceptable quality.
Gone or not? Touch ID has weeks to make it onto the iPhone 8
With prior intelligence, this missive adds to a narrative of a desperate Apple trying to implement a familiar feature the way it wants to or die trying.
ASUS recommits to ZenWatch Android Wear 2.0 updates
The ZenWatch 3 gets a definitely date of July 11 while all ZenWatch 2 units should have Android Wear 2.0 within the next month or so.