iPhone lock screen glitch may not be what it seems
If a hacker can continuously input PINs, they may avoid the data erasure protection feature and brute force their way into a device. So it seemed.
HP Elite x3 to remain on sale “through 2019”
Windows 10 Mobile still has a bastion smartphone to hang onto, at least commercially, for the next couple years and change.
Google Pixel 2 “stays premium,” says Rick Osterloh
And there will be no Google Pixel 2B, according to the company’s hardware chief. And that’s not the only struggling piece of news he has to share.
Sony Xperia X Compact benchmark purportedly shows amped up specs [UPDATE]
Sony’s small smartphone for this year may have been outed, but has it been on the up and up for the first time ever? As in up in the pixel count?