Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

Pre-orders open for unlocked LG V35 ThinQ at $899.99

The V35 ThinQ is coming unlocked at the price everyone else has to pay. Will it be accepted at all the major networks in the United States as promised?

Best Buy shaves $100 off Pixel 2 XL price with many freebies included, no trade-in required

Both the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are sold with a free Chromecast, Google Home Mini, Daydream View and two months of YouTube TV by Best Buy. The larger phone is also $100 off list.

Google’s 2017 Daydream View VR headset is available at 50 percent off from Best Buy

It’s by no means the world’s most complex virtual reality headset, but Google’s 2017 Daydream View is cheaper than ever right now, at $49.50, from Best Buy.

No Pixel 2 discounts from smart home and VR-focused Google this Black Friday

In the absence of Pixel 2 or 2 XL Black Friday deals, Google Store shoppers will have to make do with Google Home, Home Mini and Daydream View discounts.

Pixel 2 Reactions: the new phones #MadeByGoogle (Video)

It isn’t just some smartphones that Google made getting the attention today. From a laptop to earbuds to fuzzy speakers and a headset, we have you covered.

Google Daydream View gets a revamp, content to rise with it

A quick update to a quick and dirty virtual reality headset from Google and for Android. The meat of the improvement’s in the content.

Watch the Google Pixel 2 live event here

We think we know what to expect from today’s Google Pixel 2 live event broadcasted on YouTube. But surprises are always possible, so don’t miss the action.

LG V30 warranty extension confirmed, Verizon release set for October 5

We now know exactly when to expect the LG V30 to start selling through Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. And yes, you’ll get a two-year warranty as standard.

AT&T and T-Mobile unveil official LG V30 pricing and release dates

Two of the “big four” US carriers have simultaneously dropped their LG V30 availability specifics, including price tags and dates.

When it launches, the US LG V30 will apparently come with a free ‘NEW’ Daydream View

We don’t have an official LG V30 US release date or price, but we know the “FullVision” phone will come with an extended warranty and free VR headset.

‘New’ $99 Google Daydream View VR headset looks largely unchanged in colorful leaked renders

Coated in Charcoal, Fog and Coral instead of Slate, Snow and Crimson, Google’s second-gen Daydream View VR headset will reportedly cost $99, up from $79.

Google Daydream on Galaxy Note 8 will work from first boot

If you are the type of person to peruse the virtual reality world, you have the Gear VR experience from Oculus and Daydream from Google.

Verizon currently sells Daydream View for its lowest price ever, Moto Mods also discounted

If you already have a supported Android smartphone, you don’t want to miss Verizon’s amazing new Daydream View promotion.

Google shaves $125 off OG Pixel price, $200 off Pixel XL, Daydream View headset thrown in for free

In anticipation of Google’s Pixel 2 and XL2 launches, first-gen models are marked down by up to $200, with Daydream View headsets also bundled in.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ get ‘Daydream-ready’ software updates, this time for real

Google and Samsung needed an awfully long time to agree and deliver on a VR collaboration, bringing Daydream support to the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Google hints at many more Daydream-capable phones this year, Galaxy S8 gets related Verizon update

Of course there are a number of high-end phones in the pipeline with Daydream VR support, while an existing one finally scores an essential Verizon update.

Asus ZenFone AR spreads to the UK with exorbitant pricing, dual camera ZenFone 4 officially coming soon

The Tango-enabled, Daydream-ready Asus ZenFone AR is the company’s first phone in years launched in the UK, with the ZenFone 4 line also around the corner.

Google acquires popular Job Simulator and Rick and Morty VR developer

Owlchemy Labs, a relatively small video game studio behind such successful VR titles as Job Simulator and Rick and Morty, is now a Google subsidiary.

No, it doesn’t look like the Galaxy S8 will work on Google’s Daydream VR platform

It’s probably futile to try to pair a Galaxy S8 or S8+ handheld with a Daydream View headset, as Samsung bets big on the Gear VR.

ZTE Axon 7 scores Android Nougat update with Daydream support, this time for real

The already compelling ZTE Axon 7 budget flagship phone is now officially the cheapest device to offer Google Daydream VR compatibility.

Some Verizon Pixel buyers will be appeased with free Daydream View

Free? Well, you’ll have paid some kind of cost in terms of time in order to have gotten this generous Verizon goodie for a Pixel.

Daydream View VR headset available for discounted $49 from US Google Store

VR enthusiasts living in the US should be ecstatic to hear their local Google Store shaves $30 off the list price of the Daydream View headset.

Samsung, Google, HTC, Oculus, Sony and Acer join hands to form Global Virtual Reality Association

The Global Virtual Reality Association is a newly constituted non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth of the VR industry as a whole.

Google opens pre-orders for snazzier Crimson and Snow Daydream View

Available in a bland-looking gray only at launch, Google’s fabric-made Daydream View VR headset now adds red and white color options.