Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S10 Camera Update: FORGET about the S20?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the camera update that will make you choose the Galaxy S10 over the Samsung Galaxy S20 and more
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20

AT&T will give free wireless data for remote learning and waive fees to help during the COVID-19 pandemic

AT&T is also helping its customers in the United States to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic and it also offers programs to help remote learning

Apparently, future 6G speeds could give us up to 1TB/s

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology have already started to work on the next-generation 6G network that would give us amazing speeds

Pocketnow Daily: FaceApp could be STEALING your PHOTOS… (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about how FaceApp could be stealing your photos, the new ASUS ROG Phone 2, Samsung’s new 12GB RAM chip and more

Facebook can’t seem to keep their users’ information private, once again

Facebook has once again leaked an important amount of their users’ data through some public servers in Amazon that includes photos, passwords and more

T-Mobile bills family more than $13,000 for less than 1GB of international data

Even with airplane mode on for the whole trip, it seems that Nicholas Chung’s iPhone had been tapping into the cell network in Vietnam.

Survey gives reasons why people switch between iOS and Android

The battle between iOS and Android is probably going to last forever, and we probably won’t ever know which OS is better, but at least we know why people switch between OS

Back up your data or else with MacBook Pro (2018)

If your laptop’s logic board fails, be warned that one of Apple’s design changes to this year’s MacBook Pro may ruin a last chance at saving your data.

Data siphoning by Chinese ad sellers continues on in Asia

The Singtech P10 features firmware linked to a Taiwanese company that sucks up all sorts of personal data and then sells ads against it.

Huawei claims independence from Beijing, fighting to keep FCC funds for its US network clients

The commission has proposed to prevent US networks from buying equipment from Huawei and ZTE by denying them public funds.

New customers get double the data for the same price on Verizon Prepaid

Instead of 500MB of high-speed data for $30 a month, it’s 1GB for the same price. And while the Unlimited plan snoozes on this promo, it’s a high ceiling.

US carriers stop selling location data to brokers, but will for advertisers

The change in policies comes after an investigation into the security holes left open by data brokers that left every cellphone user open to tracking.
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20

Media pickups are part of AT&T and Verizon plans for tracked ads

In addition to acquiring programming and platforms, there are also customers to have as well. That’s more data and that’s more ads.

T-Mobile website features a plug-and-play hack that could expose customers’ details

All hackers had to do is find the site on a search engine, input a customer’s phone number and reap the data. A similar sort of bug was found last fall and back in 2015 at this company.

Apple to make personal data download tool available globally eventually

For now, the tool is available to Apple ID account holders in the European Union and a few other countries. Now all we have to do is wait for the data to come out and get sorted.

FCC investigating exploit in prison inmate location service used to track other people

Securus allows law enforcement to track prison inmates’ phone calls, but one sheriff abused a feature from software vendor Securus to track other people’s locations.

Verizon surreptitiously launches Visible, a prepaid carrier

It’s in early access and requires a code to join in for $40 per month service. There’s unlimited data, but with some asterisks.
Facebook F8 developer conference

Facebook working on a “Clear History” tool for web traffic

The tool, which won’t be available to the public for several months, will allow users to see what apps and sites pass data to Facebook and, if they desire, cut off the feed.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum departs Facebook, exodus expected

Koum left a cordial note as he left the door and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg returned the same. But reporting says that the tensions have been deep over the direction of WhatsApp.

Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan supposedly in the works to compete against T-Mobile

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ offers many of the same features as the suggested Sprint plan would, though with better travel perks. Still, price is what matters.

WhatsApp to raise its minimum age to 16 in Europe

The messaging application is taking a different approach than its parent company in limiting its liability for keeping sensitive user data private. And Facebook’s tactic is raising some eyebrows.

Instagram rolling out Stories upgrade and Data Download tool

The upgrade allows users to upload multiple videos and pictures to their Stories at once. Meanwhile, those same users can now take out a copy of their data from the platform.

You can get an archive of your Instagram account soon

The subsidiary of Facebook is to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation by May 25 and this data portability is one of its requirements.

Mark Zuckerberg, deleted Facebook Messenger conversations and an “Unsend” controversy

Several sources say the Facebook CEO’s messages have been deleted from the app. This prompts the company to go public with a new feature, but it misses a huge point.

Hated one way or another: Notches & Co. | #PNWeekly 298

On this week’s show: Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple and Acer have new hardware, Facebook has newly-revealed problems around the same old concerns and notches, people, notches, what more do you want?