Dark Mode iPhone

Dark Mode on the iPhone could extend your battery life 30%, test shows

According to an extensive battery of tests, it turns out that Dark Mode on the iPhone can extend your battery life by 30% opposed to the light interface

Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s iPadOS and New Mac Pro impressions: FINALLY! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, everything seen during the last WWDC that presented the new Mac Pro, watchOS 6, iOS 13, iPadOS and more.

Pocketnow Daily: The Galaxy Note 10 seems… DIFFERENT!? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the design, battery size of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone data leaks and more.
Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android is now available to all users, though you have to uncover the feature, as it’s an Easter Egg for now. Here’s how!

Android Q Dark Mode unofficially confirmed as an upcoming feature

Android Dark Mode will finally be an official feature of the next version of the OS, Android Q, if a recently uncovered tracker information is right.

Google acknowledges the benefits of Dark Mode on battery life

Google has started talking more and more about Dark Mode and the benefits that it brings in terms of prolonging battery life.

Who said IFA 2018 isn’t about phones? | #PNWeekly 320

Nine Android phones have launched and we expect more to come along soon. We also cover Xiaomi’s OPPO Find X and other mobile tech news in our show!

Google apps going “Dark Mode” because Android won’t

For years, Android has been torturing users’ eyes at night without a dark theme. The fanbase has been clamoring for a dedicated mode.

macOS Mojave has a new App Store and new privacy measures

Most importantly, Apple is keeping iOS and macOS separate, though it is trialing an integration of iOS’s UIKit to the macOS AppKit.