Galaxy Note 7 Requiem, Samsung’s future, and Pixel updates | #PNWeekly 222

We also talk some more about the Google Pixel as Cyanogen downshifts its gears and the iPhone 8 gets more screen time, literally. It’s the Pocketnow Weekly!

Cyanogen Inc. shifts C-suite, idea for OS following downsizing

The two co-founders of Cyanogen move to different positions while a new CEO takes over as well as a new mission for the OS — to spread in parts.

British startup Wileyfox unveils fresh trio of inexpensive Cyanogen OS phones

Cyanogen Inc. doesn’t have many hardware-making partners left to support Cyanogen OS, but UK-based startup Wileyfox just unveiled three such devices.

AT&T, Cyanogen and ZTE reportedly prepping Google-eluding Android phone

AT&T appears to have learned nothing from Fire Phone and HTC First flops, looking to partner with Cyanogen and ZTE for a custom OS-powered device.

Cyanogen introduces bizarrely named MOD platform for even deeper Android customization

Still a little confused as to the differences between Cyanogen and CyanogenMod? Gear up for more confusion, as Cyanogen Inc. launches MOD.

Cyanogen OS apps get ported to Cyanogenmod

A portion of the Cyanogenmod community thought of the formation of Cyanogen,…

Cyanogen OS working on adding deep Cortana integration

Get the early details on the forthcoming deep Cyanogen OS Cortana support, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft.

Cyanogen gets new hardware partner, as ZUK confirms international sales

Learn what a newly announced ZUK Cyanogen partnership means for international sales of the compelling new mid-ranger Z1.

Yu is launching the Cyanogen-powered Yuphoria on May 12

The Yu Yuphoria launch will be taking place on May 12; the phone will be the latest in a series of Cyanogen OS-powered smartphones.

Cyanogen teases secret project; just what could it be?

What are we actually seeing in this Cyanogen teaser pic of a mysterious dev board?

OnePlus One gets CM12S update rolling again, with new explanation for pause

It turns out that a new voice feature wasn’t the sole reason for this week’s OnePlus One CM12S update pause.

OnePlus One update halted to add always-on voice control

There’s a powerful new OnePlus One voice control feature on the way, tipped to arrive any day now.

Cyanogen to distribute Microsoft apps and services

The big investment rumors may not have panned out, but the specifics of the Cyanogen Microsoft deal have finally been confirmed.

OnePlus lays out our chances of getting CM12S today

OnePlus has laid out the CyanogenMod 12S arrival probability timetable: what are our chances of getting it when?

OnePlus misses CM12S release date, as frustrations grow

Last week’s OnePlus update failures aren’t done yet, as CM12S also fails to materialize.

Qualcomm, Twitter help back Cyanogen in latest funding push

New Cyanogen investments are coming in from several big-name parties, even if Microsoft isn’t among them.

No Microsoft investment in CyanogenMod, claims report

For the time being, it looks like there will be no Microsoft investment in CyanogenMod, according to a recent report, but a deal is not off the table.

Cyanogen CEO warns established mobile brands about to be “slaughtered”

Hear why Cyanogen’s CEO believes smartphone hardware commoditization is about to hugely shake up the market.

OnePlus teases forthcoming One Lollipop update

There’s a new OnePlus One Lollipop teaser out to complement the recently leaked OxygenOS pics.

Cyanogen blindsides OnePlus with side deal: no CM support for One in India

Find out what’s being done about the OnePlus One in India now that Cyanogen has signed an exclusive deal with another OEM.

What Google buyout interest means for the future of Cyanogen

How close did the custom ROM community come to seeing a Cyanogen Google acquisition? A new report looks into growing interest in the firm.

Cyanogen Inc. clashes with OnePlus over treatment of women

Get the scoop on the controversy surrounding the newest OnePlus contest for One invites, and why Cyanogen Inc. even got involved.

Cyanogen adds fresh blood with hiring spree of new execs

Hear from Cyanogen Inc. about the new Cyanogen hires the company’s recently made, and what these new execs should be able to bring to the team.

OnePlus One release date revised by the company

The OnePlus One release date has been revised by the manufacturer due to an upcoming critical software update.
nexus 5 cyanogenmod 11

Why didn’t I put CyanogenMod 11 on my Nexus 5 sooner?

I’ve been running stock (but rooted) on my Nexus 5 for months. Why didn’t I put CyanogenMod 11 on it sooner? Read on and find out!