Wileyfox Swift updated with Cyanogen-less Android 7.1.1

Wileyfox pulls through on an Android Nougat update a little late, coping with the demise of Cyanogen with a little of its own software design.

Andrasta is the new Cyanogen and it is about Big Data

Andrasta looks to be an Android fork that’s obsessed with artificial intelligence, machine learning and being smart. We learned this through a car crash.

Best of 2016 and prepping for CES 2017 | #PNWeekly 233

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Wileyfox after Cyanogen: Android Nougat is coming

The UK smartphone startup promises to deliver Android Nougat to its six devices in its portfolio after Cyanogen Inc. pulls support for its software.

Cyanogen dies, CyanogenMod officially becomes Lineage OS

“A company pulling their support out of an open source project does…

Repositories hint that CyanogenMod’s new name will be Lineage

Community-based CyanogenMod’s machinations within commercial entity Cyanogen have meant a file rescue effort and a new name for the former.

Cyanogen move is official and so is Steve Kondik’s departure — wither CyanogenMod?

The company will shutter its Seattle offices in favor of packing in its Palo Alto facilities. Co-founder Steve Kondik is officially out.

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nexus 5 cyanogenmod 11

Steve Kondik says Cyanogen troubles were brewing for too long

Kirt McMaster as CEO ended up being a bad choice. Workplace morale suffered. And a new directive quickly took over and transformed Cyanogen. So says Kondik.

Sources say Cyanogen shuttering Seattle headquarters, more jobs to go

The building gets locked up at the end of the year as more jobs go elsewhere. The second cofounder of Cyanogen may also lose his job.

Wileyfox Swift 2 and 2 Plus blend respectable specs, premium design and aggressive pricing

The Wileyfox Swift 2 and 2 Plus look like two very respectable UK-made Android mid-rangers, with metal builds and fingerprint support in tow.

Former Apple CEO’s Obi Worldphone MV1 spreads its wings to the UK at £100

The Obi Worldphone MV1, from ex-Apple CEO John Sculley, finally adds UK to a list of mostly emerging markets it’s officially available in at a low price.

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Cyanogen, Inc.

Cyanogen claims no “pivot” to apps, more information to follow

The CEO and the co-founder of Cyanogen Inc. are batting back against reports that the company is turning away from OS development.

Cyanogen layoffs hit hard, a new charge on apps expected

As the company’s OS struggles to gain ground, Cyanogen is laying off about 30 percent of its staff as it heads off in a new direction with a new COO.

British startup Wileyfox unveils fresh trio of inexpensive Cyanogen OS phones

Cyanogen Inc. doesn’t have many hardware-making partners left to support Cyanogen OS, but UK-based startup Wileyfox just unveiled three such devices.

Cyanogenmod 13, Android Marshmallow out for OnePlus One

Cyanogen has finally been able to complete the Cyanogenmod 13 update package – based on Android Marshmallow – for the OnePlus One.

AT&T, Cyanogen and ZTE reportedly prepping Google-eluding Android phone

AT&T appears to have learned nothing from Fire Phone and HTC First flops, looking to partner with Cyanogen and ZTE for a custom OS-powered device.

Cyanogen introduces bizarrely named MOD platform for even deeper Android customization

Still a little confused as to the differences between Cyanogen and CyanogenMod? Gear up for more confusion, as Cyanogen Inc. launches MOD.

CyanogenMod 13 by Christmas? More phones on the way in 2016?

Cyanogen has been gettin’ busy lately after a somewhat eventful 2015. While…

BQ Aquaris X5 is first Cyanogen phone carried by a network

Consider it a skin. Consider it a better Android. Consider it an…

Yu no longer sells Cyanogen OS Yuphoria, but partnership is apparently still on

Cyanogen Inc. addressed rumors of lingering conflicts between it and hardware partner Yu, but failed to explain why the Cyanogen OS Yuphoria is no more.

Micromax Yu5050 reportedly nigh with Quad HD screen, 4GB RAM in tow

The Micromax Yu5050 could give the OnePlus 2 a run for its money, with ultra-high-end specifications and a mid-tier price point.

Cyanogen new hires from Amazon and Qualcomm hint to new services

Learn more about the future of Cyanogen, as the company has just made a few new hires in its plan to take over Android one way or another.

We need a true three mobile OS race

Innovate. Catch up. Innovate. Catch up. Google. Apple. Apple. Google. Rinse and…