80 percent of US consumers are satisfied with the iPhone X

It’s a big gap from the 97 percent satisfaction number as suggested by a third-party survey and the 99 percent that Apple suggests for the iPhone X.

iPhone X sales rate decays, but owners are extremely happy with their purchase

The iPhone X was meant to be a big hit, but ended up being a big dud for the mass audience. At least those who have one are pretty satisfied with it.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS destroy the competition in J.D. Power satisfaction ratings

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for both T-Mobile and flagship prepaid sub-brand MetroPCS, according to the latest J.D. Power research.

Customer satisfaction with T-Mobile ranks high in two surveys

It tops runner-up Verizon by a good bit in many metrics of customer satisfaction and references. And there’s plenty of room between it and AT&T and Sprint.

Register for first OnePlus Open Ears Forum in London by August 27

The English language event in the United Kingdom will give OnePlus customers a chance to talk honestly about its customer service.

Apple predictably tops another customer satisfaction report, but the iPhone SE leads the device pack

As crazy as it sounds, iPhone SE owners stateside are more satisfied with their property than those rocking a 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 or S6 Edge+.

Apple leads J.D. Power’s latest smartphone satisfaction rankings, Samsung is a very close second

Apple is the unsurprising winner of a 2017 J.D. Power smartphone satisfaction award, followed as closely as mathematically possible by Samsung.

AT&T customer service raises T-Mobile’s a J.D. Power award

Within the wireless industry, AT&T earned top marks for customer care and is going after T-Mobile’s bragging about its Nielsen win.

T-Mobile best in customer service says Nielsen

The Un-carrier notched the best carrier for overall satisfaction as well as satisfaction with service. It led most of the way through 2016 in other aspects.

Apple wins smartphone, tablet, laptop and online music trophies for customer engagement

Customer loyalty and engagement are very subjective things, but people clearly love their Apple products, be it iPhones, iPads or online music apps.

Apple earns highest scores for smartwatch user satisfaction, Samsung wins fitness band crown

Apple Watch owners are unsurprisingly the proudest and most content of their smartwatch purchase, relatively closely followed by Samsung users.

Samsung Pay tops satisfaction survey, hands out $10 Amazon gift cards

Given Samsung Pay works at NFC and magnetic POS terminals, treating its users to frequent freebies, it’s no surprise it beats its arch-rival in satisfaction