iPhone X resale value
iPhones could get ‘touchless control’ and drastic curves in ‘as little as two to three years’
Apple reportedly sees the iPhones of the (distant) future as curved “gradually from top to bottom”, while supporting various non-touch gesture controls.
Foldable smartphones are still not a thing, but Samsung is already working on stretchable OLED screens
Forget futuristic smartphones with bendable, foldable or rollable displays, and try to imagine one sporting an entirely stretchable OLED screen.
What kind of screen should the Pixel 2 have?
Much speculation has gone into what kind of screen the Pixel 2 will have – flat, or soemthing more fun? We look at the possibilities here.
Trusted source details iPhone 8 OLED execution, with ‘gentler’ curves than the Galaxy S7 Edge
It’s no longer a big secret that Samsung will single-handedly supply OLED screens for Apple’s premium iPhone 8, with subtle curves likely in tow.
Huawei P10 and P10 Plus may go with both curved and flat screens
Huawei’s CEO is reported to have said that the upcoming spring flagship will come in two sizes and two shapes. Of course, we expect two cameras on the back.
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is all curves, but will there be a flat version?
One official reposted a rumor that stated that his company would release a revised version of the phone — one that’s all flat.
No Smart Glow on Galaxy Note 7 renders?
These computer-aided design renders have all of what you might expect of the Galaxy Note 7 at this point. An iris scanner, a double-curved screen…
Zauba may have teased model number of Galaxy Note 7 edge
It may be time to take rumors of a curved-screen Note seriously. The Galaxy Note 7 edge may have a serial number at Samsung and an import listing shows it.
Connecting dots on Weibo to figure out the Meizu Pro 7
Prior leaks have come to clash with controversy and haterade to boot. Another version of the Meizu PRO 6 may become the Meizu PRO 7.
Huawei Mate S sequel may pile on the curved screen edges
We’re talking about a curved screen. And no, it’s not going to be like Samsung’s. That’s what a Chinese mobile phone analyst is looking into.
Galaxy S6 edge+ review: supersizing the superphone
We’re hitting a point in mobile technology where flagship smartphones seemingly need to…
Curved screens versus flat
OEMs are trying to find their place in this landscape. Some are…
lg g flex
A curved LG G4 makes a lot of sense
LG makes some wonderful products, but one feature stands out from the rest. A curved LG G4 makes a lot of sense, but there are challenges to overcome.
lg g flex
Should this year’s Nexus phone use LG’s curved-screen tech?
It’s time to start thinking about this year’s Nexus smartphone. Should it be a curved screen Nexus 6, or should it have a flat screen?