Meizu Zero portless phone was just a “publicity stunt,” CEO says

It’s a seamless, portless device and the design work reflects itself in the cost and exclusivity of its ownership. Meizu’s just making it clear.

Seamless Meizu Zero now available on Indiegogo for $1,299

Who needs a buttonless, portless smartphone? For the first adopters, there’s always the crowdfunding sites and from there, we find the Meizu Zero.

Crowdfund sphoon_phork, get an iPhone case, stop using disposable cutlery

It’s a simple idea and what many would see at first glance as a stupid one. But if you’re willing to do anything to limit disposable plastic waste…

Contribute to MAKERphone on Kickstarter and learn how to make your own phone

Preparing for the steampunk apocalypse? You might want to make your own phone. This crowdfunded kit, fully funded, will take you from circuit board to code.

Martian Watches terminates ‘all operations’ before fulfilling its Kickstarter promises

The small but ambitious 2007-founded Martian Watches company has recently shut down its operations after desperately trying to find funds to stay afloat. Unfortunately, very few mVoice G2 units have been shipped.

Mobvoi introduces $129 TicPods Free at $79 on Indiegogo

That was at the Super Early Bird stage, though you can still get great discounts even at the higher tiers. All for wireless earbuds that have more colors than AirPods.

Shell wants to turn smartwatches into smartphones on a wing (or two)

It’s envisioned that a smartwatch doesn’t need to be on a wrist and doesn’t need to be a watch — it can want to be a smartphone if it wants to.

Make your travels safer with the self-contained, all-in-one Nomad security system

If you ever wished you could take your home security camera with you while traveling, the Nomad wants to do precisely that… in late 2018.

Vinci 2.0 is a more practical pair of cellular earphones

If you remember the Vinci 1.5 and didn’t buy one, you probably found the screens on a pair of Bluetooth headphones to be weird. This is not weird.

Frank. attempting online store after Indiegogo campaign foreclosure

The startup is apparently going through with selling an Android phone and will try to offer discounts to as many customers as possible.

Indiegogo shelves Frank. campaign for terms of use violation

The Canadian startup was working up hype for a $180-280 smartphone, but it had apparently crossed wires at the crowdfunding platform.

The life and times of being Frank. | #PNWeekly 269

They say that Frank. is a phone, but in reality, it’s a company with good and bad faces. We’ve got lessons to learn, so join us on our podcast!

frank. launches on Indiegogo with spec and perk details

It’s a US$180 Android phone that came together because a teenager from Ottawa couldn’t afford those fancy CA$1,000 phones.

Frank. is a phone. That will head to Indiegogo. On September 5th. For $180.

This company likes to use periods in its branding. It also calls the phone it’s trying to sell the “mediocre chinese food you’ve been craving all week.”

Backers eat up $99 Android Wear watch, Mobvoi’s Ticwatch E

Even the more expensive Ticwatch S is still quite a steal at its current price. But if you’re interested in one of these, get in before prices rise.

Eve V may get better display as supplier stalls and delays grow

One of the company’s co-founders claims that their display supplier is running terribly behind with improving production yields at acceptable quality.

One Kickstarter wants to kill the Bixby Button with a Galaxy S8 case

If you find no use in Samsung’s Bixby assistant service, but keep on tapping that annoying button on the side, you might be interested in funding this case.

Convertibles, Project Treble and Fear China! | #PNWeekly 254

We discuss how portable Windows 10 PCs have underwent a transformation in the past year or two on our show. Also, Android O’s fragmentation magic wand!

Chuwi SurBook, light on its feet, stomps all over Indiegogo goal

The Chinese manufacturer is headed into the Windows 10 convertible tablet arena with a lighter-weight device that keeps up in finish and battery life.

The Cerulean Moment has had its moment, but does WhartonBrooks still have time?

The startup was brought up in awkward fashion and suffered from the typical crowdfunding pitfalls. They were exacerbated by Microsoft’s mobile disaffection.

Jelly, the world’s smallest LTE and Nougat smartphone, reaches Kickstarter goal in under an hour

Who knew there would be so much customer interest surrounding the world’s smallest LTE smartphone, dubbed Jelly, and funded on Kickstarter in minutes?

Japan-based Trinity seeks international crowdfunding for Android-powered NuAns NEO Reloaded

With a largely unchanged design and visual concept, but upgraded specs and Android replacing Windows, the NuAns NEO Reloaded needs $370K to materialize.

Windows Phone fans need to raise more than a million for Cerulean Moment on Indiegogo

WhartonBrooks is hitting the ground with an entry-level Windows 10 Mobile device on Indiegogo. But can it really grab the $1.1 million it claims it needs?

Even more Moto Mod candidates aim to ‘transform’ the Moto Z, including keyboard accessory

With almost $25,000 already raised on Indiegogo, a new Moto Mod prototype looking to add a sliding 5-row physical keyboard to the Moto Z rises.

ZTE Hawkeye officially getting retooled, fund on Kickstarter canceled

What the crowd envisioned to be the Hawkeye was not what ZTE brought to Kickstarter. People weren’t happy. So, the company listened.