iPhone SE release date
Where can I buy the iPhone SE?
The iPhone SE has been up for pre-orders for a while, and if you’re wondering “Where can I buy the iPhone SE?” we’re here to help.
Best Buy has Razer Phone 2 for $500 with bundled Cricket service [U]
Getting this gamer’s phone unlocked has been a bit of a pricey challenge for the past while, but we now have a big option for deal seekers.
Cricket has Nokia 3.1 Plus today, Verizon with Nokia 2 V next week
HMD Global is sending a couple of phones to the carriers to expand the visibility of quality, affordable Nokia phones in North America.
LG Stylo 4 lands at Cricket Wireless with 3GB RAM for $230
Essentially identical to the international Q Stylus, the LG Stylo 4 appears to be packing more memory on Cricket than MetroPCS at a higher price point.
Cricket’s LG Fortune 2 is a dirt-cheap Android Nougat phone with mediocre specs
The LG Fortune 2 only seems to have that ultra-low $99.99 price point going for it, running Android 7.1 Nougat and featuring overall subpar specs by 2018 standards.
Cricket Wireless Unlimited 2 plan down to $40 per month for switchers
The Unlimited 2 plan, though, comes with big caveats: 3Mbps upload and download speeds with 480p video streaming and even further opportunities for throttling.
Entry-level Moto E5 Play/Moto E5 Cruise rendered en route to Verizon and Cricket
The Verizon and Cricket-bound Moto E5 Play, aka E5 Cruise, doesn’t look like much at a first glance, but one particular design choice and a presumably ultra-low price point may make it quite appealing to the masses.
T-Mobile and MetroPCS destroy the competition in J.D. Power satisfaction ratings
Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for both T-Mobile and flagship prepaid sub-brand MetroPCS, according to the latest J.D. Power research.
Switch to Cricket Wireless, and get a free new Alcatel Verso or old LG Fortune
In addition to ultra-affordable unlimited data plans, those who choose to switch to Cricket Wireless in the near future can get one of several Android phones free of charge.
Cricket Black Friday deals includes some free phones
ZTE and LG phones are providing the bulk of the discounts for AT&T’s branded prepaid operation from now through November 26.
Cricket revives cheaper unlimited plan with more restrictions, hotspot add-on also available
There are now two Cricket Wireless unlimited data plans, the newer of which starts at $55 a month with a permanent 3 Mbps speed cap.
Cricket Wireless and the free ZTE Overture 3
AT&T’s big-brand prepaid carrier has a free phone promotion going on from November 10… and… right now. What’s the ZTE Overture 3?
Cricket Wireless exclusively picks up $120 ZTE Blade X with Android 7.1 and fingerprint scanner
If you’re in the market for a smaller, ever so slightly cheaper prepaid phone than the Blade X Max, Cricket’s ZTE Blade X costs just $120.
Cricket Wireless pushes BOGO discount on two unlimited data lines
The AT&T prepaid carrier typically runs two lines of unlimited data for $110. For a limited time, though, that price is down to $80 per month.
Cricket starts selling familiar $180 Samsung Galaxy Halo with Android 7.0
It’s far from stylish, and it largely packs mediocre specs, but Cricket’s new Samsung Galaxy Halo is relatively inexpensive and Nougat-powered.
Cricket’s ‘exclusive’ Alcatel Pulsemix is a rebranded A50, aka A5 LED, priced at $80 and up
This naming scheme is all over the place, but Cricket’s Alcatel Pulsemix, Amazon’s A50 and the “international” A5 LED are essentially the same phone.
Cricket Wireless will pay up to $50 to get you to switch
It’s the hunting season for wireless customers and AT&T’s prepaid carrier Cricket is going to dial for dollars to get you in the door.
AT&T stores could lock up as crews strike this weekend
Retail workers for the wireless side as well as AT&T’s wireline and satellite employees are walking pickets for the weekend.
Cricket Wireless picks up LG Stylo 3 for sale starting May 19
If you can’t get a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 and think that the Note 5 is too old for your tastes, maybe the LG Stylo 3 will get you.
Cricket Wireless picks up $150 ZTE Blade X Max with Android 7.1.1 and 6-inch 1080p screen
Exclusively available on prepaid Cricket Wireless plans, the Android 7.1 Nougat-powered ZTE Blade X Max only costs $149.99.
AT&T finally boots up Cricket HD Voice
VoLTE calls are finally possible with four devices on Cricket’s network right now. More are presumptively on the way, but it’s taken a while to get here.
Cricket Wireless expected to grab ZTE Blade X Max
ZTE may have a trifecta of decent prepaid phones out this spring. Boost Mobile and US Cellular are on board, but will Cricket join in?
Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 2 offers Android Nougat to Cricket customers at $150
Following in the footsteps of last year’s Amp Prime, and copying this year’s J3 Emerge, Cricket’s Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 2 stands out with Nougat.
LG Harmony comes to Cricket Wireless with a higher minimum plan buy-in
It has a spec line or two that falls short of another version of this phone on Verizon and it takes a higher minimum data plan to purchase the phone.
ZTE Grand X 4 launches on Cricket at $130 with fingerprint scanner on deck
A fingerprint sensor is not something high-end phones will brag about these days, but at $130, it’s a killer feature for the ZTE Grand X 4.