LG Stylo 4 lands at Cricket Wireless with 3GB RAM for $230
Essentially identical to the international Q Stylus, the LG Stylo 4 appears to be packing more memory on Cricket than MetroPCS at a higher price point.
Cricket’s LG Fortune 2 is a dirt-cheap Android Nougat phone with mediocre specs
The LG Fortune 2 only seems to have that ultra-low $99.99 price point going for it, running Android 7.1 Nougat and featuring overall subpar specs by 2018 standards.
Celebrate Cricket’s birthday by choosing from a long list of respectable $19 phones
The Samsung Galaxy Halo, LG Stylo 3, X charge and ZTE Blade X Max are just a few of the phones available at $19 a pop from Cricket for those who switch to the carrier for its upcoming birthday.
Switch to Cricket by March 29, and you can get a half-off Samsung Galaxy S8
Normally available at $700, the “regular” Samsung Galaxy S8 can be yours in exchange for $350 for a limited time if you port in a number to Cricket Wireless.
Entry-level Moto E5 Play/Moto E5 Cruise rendered en route to Verizon and Cricket
The Verizon and Cricket-bound Moto E5 Play, aka E5 Cruise, doesn’t look like much at a first glance, but one particular design choice and a presumably ultra-low price point may make it quite appealing to the masses.
Switch to Cricket Wireless, and get a free new Alcatel Verso or old LG Fortune
In addition to ultra-affordable unlimited data plans, those who choose to switch to Cricket Wireless in the near future can get one of several Android phones free of charge.
Cricket revives cheaper unlimited plan with more restrictions, hotspot add-on also available
There are now two Cricket Wireless unlimited data plans, the newer of which starts at $55 a month with a permanent 3 Mbps speed cap.
Cricket Wireless exclusively picks up $120 ZTE Blade X with Android 7.1 and fingerprint scanner
If you’re in the market for a smaller, ever so slightly cheaper prepaid phone than the Blade X Max, Cricket’s ZTE Blade X costs just $120.
Cricket starts selling familiar $180 Samsung Galaxy Halo with Android 7.0
It’s far from stylish, and it largely packs mediocre specs, but Cricket’s new Samsung Galaxy Halo is relatively inexpensive and Nougat-powered.
Cricket’s ‘exclusive’ Alcatel Pulsemix is a rebranded A50, aka A5 LED, priced at $80 and up
This naming scheme is all over the place, but Cricket’s Alcatel Pulsemix, Amazon’s A50 and the “international” A5 LED are essentially the same phone.
Cricket Wireless picks up $150 ZTE Blade X Max with Android 7.1.1 and 6-inch 1080p screen
Exclusively available on prepaid Cricket Wireless plans, the Android 7.1 Nougat-powered ZTE Blade X Max only costs $149.99.
Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 2 offers Android Nougat to Cricket customers at $150
Following in the footsteps of last year’s Amp Prime, and copying this year’s J3 Emerge, Cricket’s Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 2 stands out with Nougat.
If you absolutely need a phone at Cricket, get a Microsoft Lumia 650 for 99 cents
It’s not exactly a thrift store phone, especially since the Microsoft Store is still selling the year-old phone for $199. Different story at Cricket.
Cricket throttling its unlimited data users harder starting April 2
The AT&T prepaid carrier already caps rates at 8Mbps. Now, unlimited data users may see bigger speed cuts like their postpaid counterparts.
Cricket reportedly bringing HTC Desire 650 to the US
Evan Blass has put up a picture of the entry-level device with Cricket branding on it. It’s not an impressive phone, to be honest.
Cricket Wireless boosts data allotment on select plans, free phones also on offer for switchers
AT&T subsidiary Cricket Wireless challenges prepaid rival MetroPCS with more value, more data, as well as many free phones for switchers to choose from.
Cricket Wireless takes a full 50 percent off Galaxy S7’s list price for Cyber Monday
Believe it or not, Galaxy S7’s best Cyber Monday deal is Cricket’s “doing”, with the small prepaid carrier charging just $325 today and tomorrow.
Cricket brings the just-launched ZTE Grand X 4’s price down to $50 for Black Friday
The literally just-released ZTE Grand X 4 mid-range phone on Cricket costs just $50 this Black Friday, while the Grand X Max 2 is $100 for switchers.
ZTE Grand X 4 launches on Cricket at $130 with fingerprint scanner on deck
A fingerprint sensor is not something high-end phones will brag about these days, but at $130, it’s a killer feature for the ZTE Grand X 4.
Alcatel Streak and Ideal are Cricket and AT&T’s names for the ultra-low-cost Dawn
Boost and Virgin are calling it Dawn, while Cricket and AT&T have just rebranded the ultra-affordable Android phone as Alcatel Streak and Ideal.
Cricket exclusively launches Alcatel Idol 4 phone/VR headset bundle at $200
For $200 with prepaid plans, the mid-range Alcatel Idol 4 Android smartphone will ship from Cricket Wireless with a bundled-in pair of VR goggles.
Cricket targets mom for new LG Stylo 2
The AT&T prepaid network will soon have a phone fit for moms, it says. But the LG Stylo 2 won’t be coming until days after Mother’s Day.
Cricket exclusively picks up $150 Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime with Android 6.0
Prepaid US carrier Cricket Wireless has a new low-cost Samsung phone for its customers, called Galaxy Amp Prime, and running Marshmallow out the box.
Cricket Wireless picks up lackluster $90 LG Spree with Android 5.1
The LG Spree is an underwhelming, overpriced new entry-level Android phone available exclusively at prepaid US carrier Cricket Wireless.
Cricket picks up the very affordable ZTE Grand X 3 from CES
After a CES debut, Cricket ZTE Grand X 3 sales are now getting started; see what kind of hardware you get for this low $130 price.