Six types of AmazonBasics Portable Power Banks under recall affecting 260,000 units

Power packs of varying capacities are included in this recall, voluntarily forwarded by Amazon to the CPSC. Click through to see if yours is at risk of malfunctioning.

Refurbished AT&T Galaxy Note 4 being recalled for counterfeit batteries [UPDATE]

The devices in question are specifically units to fulfill insurance claims that were equipped and shipped by the FedEx Supply Chain.

Barnes & Noble issues voluntary recall of dangerous Nook Tablet 7 chargers

While there’s no reason to fear or try to return your ultra-low-cost new Nook Tablet 7, Barnes & Noble admits its power adapter can be dangerous.

CPSC announces ‘expanded’ Galaxy Note 7 recall, and yes, even units bought used will be exchanged

In case there was still any lingering doubt, the US CPSC has just crushed it – new and old Galaxy Note 7 units are officially recalled.

CPSC seizes Galaxy Note 7 ruins through subpoena — everyone else gets a box

The one that burned on a Southwest jet is now at CPSC HQ for testing. In the meantime, everyone gets a few boxes, but some won’t put their Note 7 in them.

CPSC looking into Note 7 airplane incident, Royal Mail still won’t take it

As the government is into the factgathering process in a case that saw a Galaxy Note 7 smoke up an airplane, the Royal Mail won’t touch the phone.

CPSC may expand its recall focus to other Samsung battery explosions

It’s not just the Galaxy Note 7 that’s been getting hot these days. A couple of Galaxy S7 phones as well as a Galaxy Core Prime have burst into flames.