Apple is again closing some stores across the US as infection cases go up
A total of 11 brick-and-mortar stores across Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina are being closed again by Apple.
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We have new details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch event
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 may launch in August, under a different format because of the ongoing pandemic
Uber makes wearing masks mandatory for riders and drivers
Violating the mask rule might result in losing access to Uber’s services for both riders and drivers starting May 18 and until the end of June.
Apple will reopen stores in Australia, and Austria this week
Apple Stores have finally started to reopen their doors in Austria and Australia, and hopefully, more stores will reopen in the following weeks
Poynter Institute’s WhatsApp bot will fact check COVID-19 claims to curb misinformation
Poynter Institute’s WhatsApp bot will let users in 70 countries quickly verify a coronavirus-related claim and see if it is true or just another hoax.
Apple, Google share sample code and UI design concepts for exposure notification apps
The new resources shared by Apple and Google will serve as a reference point and building block for apps using the exposure notification system.
Google Pixel 4a, prakhar khanna
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Apple’s Q2 2020 results: Quarterly revenue, earnings go up despite COVID-19 impact
Despite lowering revenue estimates due to uncertainty brought by the coronavirus pandemic, Apple actually managed to grow in the Q2 2020 fiscal quarter.
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Apple Maps now shows COVID-19 testing locations in the US
When searching for keywords such as “coronavirus test” or “COVID-19 test”, Apple Maps will show locations where one can get tested.
Coursera makes 3,800 courses free for unemployed workers across the globe
Coursera says that the initiative’s goal is to help impacted workers develop the knowledge and skills to become re-employed.
iPhone SE best cheap phone
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Apple and Google will shut down contact tracing system once the coronavirus threat is over
Apple and Google will disable the cross-platform contact tracing system on a regional basis once the coronavirus threat has been brought under control.
Tim Cook reveals contact tracing API will be out on April 28: Report
The contact tracing API was earlier said to arrive in May, but Tim Cook has now made it clear that the API will be released for developers in April itself.
Nokia 5.3
Nokia extends the warranty of all phones by 60 days due to the COVID-19 crisis
The extension applies to both Nokia smartphones and feature phones whose warranty was set to expire between March 15 and May 15, 2020.
Amazon is now using thermal cameras to check warehouse workers for COVID-19
Amazon is starting to take different safety measures to ensure the well being and safety of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic
You can watch free Netflix documentaries on YouTube right now
You can now access a wide variety of Netflix original documentaries, shows, and series through its YouTube Channel, you may want to check it out
You can watch the One World: Together at Home concert on YouTube here
You can join us and millions more to watch the One World: Together at Home to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
Samsung’s new app for Galaxy Watch reminds users to wash their hands
The aptly-named ‘Hand Wash’ app comes with its own watch face for the Galaxy Watch and is now available to download from the Galaxy Store.
Facebook cancels all large events until July 2021, allows remote work through summer
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has announced that all physical events with a gathering of 50 or more people remain cancelled through June 2021.
Wear OS smartwatches now alert users to wash their hands
The hand washing alert on Wear OS smartwatches comes courtesy of the updated Clock app from Google, and it keeps repeating every three hours.
Google and Apple team up to build COVID-19 tracing system in Android and iOS
Google and Apple have both made it clear that proper consent will be taken from the participants and that all data will be anonymised to keep it secure.
Apple joins hands with Stanford to launch an app for COVID-19 first responders
The First Responder COVID-19 Guide app will help first responders schedule a priority testing and also has guides and FAQs on how to avoid getting infected.
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