ARM debuts Cortex-A55, Cortex-A75 and Mali-G72 GPU

The cores responsible for that Snapdragon or Helio chip that’s responsible for running your phone are getting a big replacement run.

Surface Pro 5 may get outshined by Harman Kardon Cortana speaker

We are not sure when the event is happening… still… but Microsoft supposed has one cued up soon with change-ups and tweaks.

No shipments for Pebble Time 2, Core, Time Round with Fitbit acquisition

The smartwatch maker calls it quits in an abrupt fashion, leaving many without a fancy new smartwatch and a long refunding process ahead.

Pebble launches ‘best Kickstarter yet’ for two new smartwatches and a 3G ‘ultra-wearable’

Yet again, Pebble takes to Kickstarter to preview not one, not two, but three wearable devices this time around, including a cellular-enabled ‘magic button’

Sony reveals SmartBand wearable with Core tracker for life-logging

Find out what you can look forward to from the Sony SmartBand with Core fitness tracker.