Spotify acquires Loudr for quicker royalty payments
Loudr helps cover artists manage intellectual property rights and works to get royalties for mechanical rights from platforms such as Spotify.
Apple sues accessories maker for counterfeit chargers on Amazon
The chargers were sourced by Amazon and the e-marketplace fulfills orders. Reviews have reported these chargers to explode.
Another patent trial verdict is overturned, this time favoring Apple over Samsung
Apple wins another important battle in the never-ending patent wars with Samsung, looking for additional victories in the weeks to come.
Java code in Android ruled fair use (again), Oracle to appeal
Oracle had been looking for billions of dollars in damages for Google’s use of Java code in the Android OS. A federal jury denied them that money.
Oracle blames Android for deep cuts in licensing revenue
Oracle claims it nearly lost all of its licensing revenues from Samsung and Amazon after Google started distributing the Java-based Android for free.
The New DMCA Smartphone and Tablet Exemptions are Awful
Read about the DMCA, and why it’s turning all of us into criminals.