Original Pixel XL is finally free in Canada… on a Bell contract

Of course, when we’re talking about Canada, we’re still stuck on two-year contracts with minimum service buy-ins to achieve these upfront deals.

Small reprieve at Telus as Essential Phone is discounted on term

Term pricing has been reduced by $90 on the two tiers available: each are now $200 and $400 down with a compliant service plan.

If plans are true, Sprint contracts may get finished off August 26

Sprint killed contracts once, it will do so again — it’s already halfway there as new customers can’t get a two-year contract.

Sprint’s two-year contract revival may be a zombie act

Installments and leasing look to take the way again at Sprint as we’re learning of a leak that will take away two-year contracts for all customers.

T-Mobile class action lawsuit claims “no contract” marketing is a lie

A group of Floridians are looking to sue T-Mobile because it deceptively marketed its plans as being “no contract” when there are two to sign onto.

Apple contracts with French carriers raise ire of regulators

French carriers have had to surrender rights and pay up dearly to carry Apple’s iPhone. Regulators think that those carriage contracts are too onerous.

Sprint and AT&T end two-year contracts today

Turns out that both will end up sharing the honor as the last first-tier carriers in the US to drop the two-year contract for phones.

Last-place Sprint will be last US carrier to drop long-lasting contracts

We don’t know when they will drop, but part of a Sprint employee manual got leaked that foretells the dropping of the two-year contract.

No more two-year contracts on AT&T come January 8

T-Mobile got rid of two-year phone contracts nearly three years ago and…

The Axon might just crack Chinese OEMs into the US market

Mid-rangers are an interesting beast in this smartphone market. Publicized unlocked phones…
T-Mobile Subsidies

T-Mobile Ditching Subsidies Doesn’t Fix the Contract Problem

Learn about by why T-Mobile ditching device subsidies doesn’t fix the contract problem — and what they can do about it.